Autos, Cabs Will Pay Rs 500 Penalty For Refusing Ride In This State

As per the latest development, if cabs, autos or other similar contract carriages refuse to carry passengers, these would attract a fine between Rs 50 and Rs 500.

Autos, Cabs Will Pay Rs 500 Penalty For Refusing Ride In This State

Revised Spot Fine

The rule is imposed by the Tamil Nadu Government’s revised spot fines in pursuance of the amendment by the Center for traffic violations coming into effect from Wednesday.

Not only that, if motorists refuse to leave the way for emergency vehicles such as ambulances or fire tenders, they will have to pay a penalty of Rs 10,000, as per the new provisions. 

On top of that a fine of Rs 2,000 will be collected from motorists if they are found disobedient to the orders of the authority.

Besides this, if anyone is found driving in a rash negligent manner and using handheld communication devices, they will be fined Rs 1,000 for the first time and Rs 10,000 if they repeat the offense. 

If one is found blowing horns unnecessarily or blowing horns in prohibited areas then they will  bear a fine of Rs 1,000. 

Further, this fine would be increased to Rs 2,000 for repeated offenses.

When it comes to insurance, driving an uninsured vehicle will attract a fine of a maximum of Rs 2,000 if it is the first time and Rs 4,000 if it is a repeated offense.

Apart from the above mentioned scenarios, the government has also listed down the fine amount for driving or allowing driving a vehicle as a transportation vehicle without permit, driving a vehicle without wearing a seat belt, using motor vehicles without registration, carrying excess passengers beyond the permitted seating capacity, driving in public place violating the safety standards, using vehicles for racing, driving in a dangerous manner and so on.

New Rules Enforcement

Earlier, the Greater Chennai Traffic Police had announced that the new rates would be enforced only from October 28.

Interestingly, they have begun imposing the penalty ahead of schedule as calibration of the e-challan central server was completed before the deadline.

It appears that the personnel of the Greater Chennai Traffic Police (GCTP) began collecting the revised spot fines for violations such as riding two-wheeler without wearing helmet, riding triples and not fastening the seat-belt in a car.

Basically, the revised rates had come into effect last week, the GCTP had announced that they would be levying the same from October 28 since recalibration of e-challan machines needed to be undertaken.

It seems that the GCTP advanced its implementation from Wednesday morning. 

So, the revised spot fine amounts were updated in the e-challan central server maintained by the NIC (National Informatics Center) on Tuesday night, as informed by GCTP in a press note.

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