Bharat Petroleum Launches India’s 1st EV Charging Corridor On This Highway!

He claimed that they can charge to run 100 km in half an hour, costing them around Rs 500.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) has set up charging stations every 100 km along the 900-km Chennai-Trichy-Madurai highway.


First EV Friendly Highway In The South

This is what it calls ‘India’s first EV fast-charging corridor’ along which it has set up CCS-2 DC fast chargers at 10 of its fuel stations– five on each side — set 100 km apart along the 900 km route.

This is the first electric vehicle (EV) friendly highway in the south.

This first phase launch on the Chennai-Trichy-Madurai highway will be followed by key routes picked out for high motorist traffic and a propensity for transition to travel by EVs.

Upcoming Highways To Be Converted

BPCL Executive Director (in-charge) Retail P.S. Ravi said that around 100 such outlets would come up in the next ten months in the State.

These would come up on Chennai–Bengaluru and Chennai–Salem corridors.

It will provide CCS-2 Electric Vehicle charging stations (EVCS) at its fuel stations at periodic intervals on all major national highways.

These highways have been selected since they connect major cities and economic centres in the country. 

Through these measures EV owners will be spared range anxiety while travelling inter-city routes on EVs.

Charging Station Features

It aims to convert 7,000 conventional retail outlets into Energy Stations providing multiple fuelling options including EV charging.

These outlets will also offer secure parking while charging, free digital air facility, 24-hour operations and more.

A few select ones will also offer a Nitrogen-filling facility.

30 Min Charge To Run 100 Km For Rs 500

P.S. Ravi said that customers would have to pay half of what a petrol car owner will spend to charge.

He claimed that they can charge to run 100 km in half an hour, costing them around Rs 500.

While they wait for their car to be charged, they can spend some time at restaurants at the outlet such as McDonald’s, A2B, Cube Stop, Café Coffee Day, etc.

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