Help Road Accident Victims & Get Rs 5000 Reward In This State

Help Road Accident Victims & Get Rs 5000 Reward In This State
Help Road Accident Victims & Get Rs 5000 Reward In This State

If you come across a road accident in Tamil Nadu and you help the victims, you will now receive cash rewards and certificates, thanks to a new scheme by the chief minister of Tamil Nadu!

The cash reward for helping victims is as much as Rs. 5000!

Helping Road Accident Victims Will Get You Cash Rewards And Certificate

The chief minister of Tamil Nadu, MK Stalin announced this new scheme through Twitter. 

He tweeted, “People who help those involved in a road accident and take them to a medical care facility within the golden hour period will be rewarded with a certificate of appreciation and a Rs 5,000 cash reward.”

Recently, we shared that Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) has set up charging stations every 100 km along the 900-km Chennai-Trichy-Madurai highway. This is what it calls ‘India’s first EV fast-charging corridor’ along which it has set up CCS-2 DC fast chargers at 10 of its fuel stations– five on each side — set 100 km apart along the 900 km route.

This is the first electric vehicle (EV) friendly highway in the south.

This first phase launch on the Chennai-Trichy-Madurai highway will be followed by key routes picked out for high motorist traffic and a propensity for transition to travel by EVs.

People Injured In Accidents To get Free Medical Treatment Within 48 Hours

MK Stalin had previously introduced a scheme “’Innuyir Kaappon,” wherein, people who have been injured in an accident will be given free medical treatment within the first 48 hours. This scheme has connected around 609 hospitals across the state 408 private hospitals along with 201 government hospitals to provide medicare during the aforementioned hours and save lives.

Around 81 recognized life-saving procedures have been offered to a maximum cover of up to Rs one lakh to the victim. This will also include the beneficiaries of the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS) and non-members.

The free medicare will reportedly be offered to accident victims of Tamil Nadu and others visiting the state during the first 48 hours.

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