90,000 Work From Home Jobs Listed, 32 Lakh Searches! 100% WFH Is A Big Hit With Indians

According to a report, jobseekers are increasingly preferring the companies that provide work from home option.

WFH has been made as the norm due to the ongoing pandemic and the physical restrictions imposed by the virus.

Since July last year, the job platform has seen 93,000 permanent and temporary remote jobs being listed in the Naukri.com

Out of all these jobs listes, 22 percent of these were for permanent remote only.

In the period of last six months, Indian job seekers have seen 32 lakh job searches for permanent and temporary remote jobs on Naukri.com.

57% of Total Jobs Searches For Permanent Remote

Out of these, for permanent remote jobs almost 57 % of searches were made for the permanent remote jobs during the same time. The highest search, over 3.5 lakh were reported only in the month of December 2021.

In a statement, Pawan Goyal, Chief Business Officer of Naukri.com said that the foundations of organisational structures has been fundamentally changed.

Access to Talent & More Inclusion : Benefits Of Remote Hiring

He added that while the uncertainty has not been completely done away, increasingly recruiters are acknowledging the benefits of WFH like the access to the talent and more inclusion and hence there are permanent changes been made to the HR as well as infrastructure requirements at a corporate level.

All three types of jobs i.e. regular, remote and temporary WFH jobs are being posted by both large as well as small companies.

More permanent remote jobs are being given in the IT Software, Software Services, ITeS and Recruitment/Staffing sectors.

Companies like Trigent, Flipkart, Amazon, Tech Mahindra, HCL, PWC ,Siemens, Deloitte, Oracle, Zensar, TCS, Capgemini are posting both temporary and permanent remote jobs.

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