CEO Imposes Compulsory Work From Office Rule; 15% Employees Resign In Protest

CEO Imposes Compulsory Work From Office Rule; 15% Employees Resign In Protest
CEO Imposes Compulsory Work From Office Rule; 15% Employees Resign In Protest

Many companies are asking their employees to work from office rather than the work from home, there has been an outpour of opinions on social media ever since. 

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion around weighing WFH and WFO against each other. 

There are industry leaders like Narayana Murthy and Elon Musk who are against the idea of WFH, as they say that it this does not do much good.

The other spectrum however believes that the productivity decreases while working from the office.

CEO Directed Employees To Join Office

A Reddit user recently shared an incident from the company in Bengaluru, where he works. He shared how the employees resigned one after the other after being directed by the CEO to resume work from office. He also told that these employees are earning in between 40 to 60 LPA and are employed at top positions of the company.

A well-funded startup of over 800-1000 employees, after getting the lecture from CEO on why to join the office and an ultimatum, the employees were given ample time to join back the office. There were many people including HRs, middle managers (not project managers), and salespeople who shrieked with joy at this. 

However, after getting the hint that it did not rub very well with some employees, the HRs decided to do damage control, however it was too late.

15% Workforce Resigned 

Within a week, as many as 15 % of our workforce the developers resigned. All of them were working at SDE2/ SDE3 positions making 40-60 LPA and hard to replace.

Many started looking for remote jobs/ outside and even the top testers resigned. The Recruiters/HRs who were having gala time started damage control but it was too late.

In an attempt to control the damage, it was announced that the work policy was made voluntary. Someone who wants to work from home if free to do so and so is someone who wants to join the office, can join the office.

After the survey, it was revealed that a whopping 78% of devs wanted WFH permanently whereas 20% wanted bi-weekly WFO. 

What seems to be the priority to many employees is mental peace over petty office politics. The employee said that he loves city Bangalore as it gave him his first job and is still staying but is happy that so many people can stay away so that Bangalore becomes better.”

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