Whatsapp Launches This New Image Feature For 200 Crore Users: New Sketching Tool!

The new drawing capabilities will be available on Android.

WhatsApp is adding new features which would allow users to draw on images and videos, among others.


Drawing Tools

The beta update on Android version offers users new drawing tools in the built-in picture editor.

The sketching tool will be an extension of the pencil tool users currently have on the app.

The new drawing capabilities will be available on Android.

A future update will add two new pencils for drawing on photos and videos- one thinner and one thicker.

It currently features a single pencil tool with which users can doodle or scribble on photographs.

Desktop Version

WhatsApp for Desktop will see new chat bubble colours.

A new dark blue colour is available which is visible only in the dark theme mode.

Colour changes will also be introduced to other elements of the app.

Emoji Reaction

The app is also working on message replies so that users can reply to texts with just an emoji.

A related feature will show a message reactions information tab which displays who liked the message and which emoji was used.

Blur Image 

A feature is being developed which would allow users to blur out sensitive parts of an image before sharing it with others.

Voice Note Player

The global voice note player is a new feature to be released for the beta version on iOS for select users only.

With this, users can continue listening to voice notes even after switching to a different chat. 

Not Available To All

New capabilities are also in the works such as Message reactions, a Community feature and the ability to see the sender’s profile photo in the notification (iOS).

It should be noted that since the mentioned features are still in development, it may be a while before WhatsApp beta testers get access.

How To Join Beta

Look up the app on the Google PlayStore.

Scroll down till you see “Become a Beta Tester”.

Click on “I’m In”, then “Join” to confirm.

Download the app and update to the beta version.

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