This Is Why Whatsapp Banned 17 Lakh Indians In 30 Days: How To Stay Safe?

This is the company’s sixth monthly report in compliance with IT Rules 2021.

WhatsApp has released its monthly compliance report which says that it banned over 1.75 million Indian accounts in November 2021.

An Indian account is identified via a +91 phone number.

IT Rules-Compliant Report

This is the company’s sixth monthly report in compliance with IT Rules 2021.

The new rules which came into effect in May require large digital platforms (with over 5 million users) to publish compliance reports every month.

The reports must contain details of complaints received and action taken.

Improving User Safety

It also lays out WhatsApp’s own preventive actions to combat abuse on the platform.

It has invested in Artificial Intelligence and other state-of-the-art technology, data scientists and experts, and in processes to boost its efforts towards user safety.

Types Of Grievances

More than 95% of bans are due to the illegal use of automated or bulk messaging (spam).

It received 602 grievance reports in the same month.

These are categorised into account support (149), ban appeal (357), other support (21), product support (48) and safety (27).

Taking Action

36 accounts were “actioned” under the ban appeal category.

‘Actioned’ here refers to either banning an account or a previously banned account being restored as a result of the complaint.

How It Detects Abuse

Aside from behavioural signals from accounts, the platform relies on available unencrypted information such as user reports, profile photos, group photos and descriptions to detect and prevent abuse.

To that end, it also makes use of advanced AI tools and resources.

Abuse Detection System

Its abuse detection process works in three stages of an account’s lifecycle: At registration, during messaging, and in response to negative feedback such as user reports and blocks.

Users can report accounts that they think are spam, abusive or for other issues by long pressing a single message.

How You Can Send Your Complaints

Users can send their grievances via email to [email protected]

Alternatively, one can send a letter to the India Grievance Officer via post. 

Malpractices To Avoid

Doing the following could get your account banned or worse:

  • Impersonating someone and creating a fake account of another person
  • Send too many messages to someone who is not in your contacts
  • Use third-party apps like WhatsApp Delta, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc. 

If you are using any, delete them since WhatsApp doesn’t permit users to communicate over such apps due to privacy concerns.

  • Sending porn clips, threat or defamatory messages
  • Sending fake messages or videos that promote violence

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