94% Indian Employees Are Ready To Work From Home; Highest In The World!

India also has the lowest preference for hybrid work of all countries surveyed.

According to Atlassian’s second annual ‘Reworking Work’ study, 94% of Indian workers feel well-prepared to work remotely- a figure which is the highest globally.

57% of Indian workers also lean towards full-time remote work, compared to the global average of 37%.


Leaders In Workspace Improvements

The study also found that India has the most number of workers- 93%- who have updated their remote workspaces over the last year.

71% of them have made changes to their workspaces such as improvement in internet connection.

67% have improved the functionality of their workspaces and 63% have made changes to enhance workspace comfort and ergonomics.

Hybrid Models Gain Pace

The overall sentiment among Indian workers is favorable towards full-time remote work.

India also has the lowest preference for hybrid work of all countries surveyed.

However, hybrid work models are slowly gaining traction, with workers being asked to come to offices a few days a week and to work the rest at home.

The Best At Adapting

Indian workers have been found to be the most adaptable of any other countries, and are also younger than the global average.

Their focus lies in keeping up with change with 82% acknowledging the increasing importance of remaining adaptable.

The global average is 59%.

Over the last year, Indian professionals have been more successful when it comes to adjusting to long-term remote work compared to other countries surveyed.

High Levels Of Job Insecurity

The study did highlight an area of concern, though.

One was the job insecurity felt by 83% of new recruits- the highest globally.

Workers who were hired within the last 2 years expressed insecurity in their roles, but also a stronger sense of commitment than colleagues who have been around longer.

Another revelation has been of a majority of Indian respondents still feeling nervous regarding a return to office, at 79%.

68% of managers in India feel that their work has become more transactional and less appealing over the past 12 months.

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