Book Your Uber Ride From Whatsapp: Step By Step Process (Are You Eligible?)

Book Your Uber Ride From Whatsapp: Step By Step Process (Are You Eligible?)
Book Your Uber Ride From Whatsapp: Step By Step Process (Are You Eligible?)

WhatsApp is no more just an instant messaging app. It has ‘meta’morphosed itself into much more than that. You can now connect with various businesses with it. You can order your groceries on JioMart using it. And now you can use WhatsApp for booking cabs as well. Uber, the U.S.-based ride-hailing company will now let users in India book a ride directly through the instant messaging app service.

Book your next Uber using WhatsApp

According to a recent announcement by WhatsApp, will be rolling out a feature that will allow users to book an Uber ride through WhatsApp. The feature will be available in the country starting this week, making commuting a lot easier for users.

WhatsApp already has the option of sharing Live Location and Location to contact feature which can be directly used to fetch a ride for the shared exact location on the messaging platform.

This new feature might help Uber tap into the more than 500 million user base of Meta Platforms-owned WhatsApp in India.

Once this feature is available in WhatsApp riders will no longer need to download or use the Uber app separately. They can directly book a ride through WhatsApp chat. It should be noted that users will receive their trip receipts on the messaging platform itself.

How does it work?

There are three ways to book a ride via WhatsApp.

For booking the rides, users will have the following options
1. By messaging Uber’s business account number
2. Scanning a barcode
3. Clicking a link directly to open an Uber WhatsApp chat

Notably, the riders will get the same safety features and insurance protections as those provided on the Uber app. The user will be informed about the required safety guidelines beforehand only. They also be informed about how to get in touch with Uber in case of emergencies, directly on the WhatsApp chat flow itself.

As of now, the new feature will be first launched in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, and then will slowly be expanded to other locations in India by next year. The service will be offered in English. The company also said that the other Indian languages will be included in the near future.

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