Sick Of Work From Home, Employees Now Paying Money To Work In Office!

The background of the workers have also diversified from beyond those in IT.

Suffering from cabin fever, tens of thousands of people in the UK are paying to go to work.

Breaking Free Of Cramped Spaces

Having grown fed up with working from home due to office closures or other restrictions, young people are resorting to pay for a place to work outside homes.

These people, mostly aged between 28 and 36, have another reason to get out of the house which are typically cramped flatshares.

Co-working networks have seen exponential growth in their user bases from pre-pandemic levels.

Co-Working Spaces And How They Work

One such coworking space, WorkClub, has affordable rates starting at £9 a day.

There are also cheaper monthly membership plans.

Such networks list a range of venues on their app.

While the basic fees cover just a desk and wifi, additional paid perks on offer include bottomless tea and coffee or more space.

Emerging Trends

Other such companies have observed not just a tremendous increase in demand but also more women customers than before the pandemic.

The background of the workers have also diversified from beyond those in IT.

While such services are thriving, there are concerns over employees having to pay for something their employer is already expected to provide.

The trouble is compounded for younger workers who subsist on lower salaries.

Possible Legal Tussles

Experts suggest that employers are obliged to make provisions for workers unwilling to work from home.

They should either help pay for their office space or increase the salary for the people to be able to afford better living spaces.

However, employers can always just say that it is the employee’s choice and back out on their responsibilities.

This could lead to a rise in legal disputes over where employees intend to work.

It also has the potential to become a feature of employment law given that most people want to ‘return to normal’ and go back to office working.

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