Permanent Work From Home Has A Cruel Price: Upto 30% Salary Cuts! Is This Fair?

Permanent Work From Home Has A Cruel Price: Upto 30% Salary Cuts! Is This Fair?
Permanent Work From Home Has A Cruel Price: Upto 30% Salary Cuts! Is This Fair?

Working from home has become the new normal, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began more than a year back. 

Many big companies had to resort to the work from home policy for their employees’ safety, but employees are now being asked to come back to their workplaces or adopt a hybrid working policy. 

And now, news is that PwC will now be introducing a new policy for its employees which allows employees to work from home permanently.

But there is a catch! 

PwC Allows Permanent Work From Home Policy; What’s The Catch?

Accounting and consulting firm PwC has now allowed its 40,000 US client services employees to work from home permanently. These employees can work from anywhere permanently. The company has become the first one to embrace permanent work from home policy. 

However, these employees will also be suffering a salary cut. 

As per reports, PwC’s deputy people leader Yolanda Seals-Coffield has said that geographic location matters and those working from a ‘lower-cost location’ will have a pay decrease. 

PwC First Company To Make Full-time Virtual Work Available

PwC firm was the first in its industry to make full-time virtual work available to client services employees, said PwC’s deputy people leader, Yolanda Seals-Coffield, in an interview. 

The accounting firm had already given the option to work virtually full-time to its support staff and employees in areas such as human resources and legal operations who do not face clients directly.

Recently, Seals-Coffield said, “We have learned a ton through the pandemic, and working virtually, as we think about the evolution of flexibility, is a natural next step. If you are an employee in good standing, are in client services, and want to work virtually, you can, full stop.”

On October 8, TCS COO NG Subramaniam said that the company will encourage employees at the senior level and those fully vaccinated to come to campuses. It should be noted that some of the executives from the management and delivery side are already coming to work over the last few weeks.

Recently, Maharashtra Govt and Pune City also finally allowed offices to be run with 100% capacity, along with reopening of colleges across the district.

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