Work From Home Is A Grave Mistake For Young Employees: Top Money Manager

He called not returning to the office a “grave mistake”.

Hedge fund manager Ken Griffin opines that employees just starting out are risking career growth by continuing to work remotely.

Career Growth Stalled?

He called working remotely instead of returning to the office a “grave mistake”.

Career advancement requires managerial and interpersonal experiences which cannot be found in a “work-remotely environment”.

He further added that working outside the office hinders innovation which in turn can hurt the country’s competitiveness.

Long Term Implications

He praised workers in China who he says have returned “literally from almost the start” of the pandemic.

He then expressed concerns over the new generation of workers and “the loss of early career development opportunities” which will “cost us dearly over the decades to come”.

Griffin runs Citadel’s hedge fund business and Citadel Securities which was among the first hedge funds to allow employees to come back into the office on a voluntary basis.

It is also one of the few firms without a mandarte for staff to be vaccinated.

CEOs Apparently Afraid

Griffin says that corporate bosses in America are too scared to ask their people to rejoin offices.

He feels that CEOs live in fear of persecution that they will face upon calling their employees “back to work”.

He wants people “from the top” such as President Biden to state clearly on behalf of Corporate America that “it’s time to go back to work”.

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