“Mi” Brand Smartphones, Gadgets Will Be Replaced With “Xiaomi”: Find Out Why?

"Mi" Brand Smartphones, Gadgets Will Be Replaced With "Xiaomi": Find Out Why?
“Mi” Brand Smartphones, Gadgets Will Be Replaced With “Xiaomi”: Find Out Why?

Finally, it’s official: The brand “Mi” will be completely replaced and repositioned to brand “Xiaomi” in India.

What does this mean? How will the users be impacted? And why is this happening?

Keep reading to find out more!

Brand “Mi” To Be Replaced With “Xiaomi”

In August, 2012, Xiaomi had launched their new brand of smartphones and gadgets called “Mi” in India, which has now been replaced with “Xiaomi”.

However, the Redmi brand will stay as of now.

All the Mi branded smartphones and gadgets will now have Xiaomi branding instead.

Xiaomi India has officially announced this massive rebranding exercise.

As per Jaskaran Singh Kapany, a marketing executive with Xiaomi India, this rebranding exercise has been done to create a unified presence of Xiaomi across various markets and product genres. 

He said, “Being a leading technology brand with a strong presence across the globe, our aim is to have a unified presence. With this new logo shift, we envision bridging the perception gap between our brand and products. The new Xiaomi logo will be used for our premium products that represent the pinnacle of technology and offer a premium experience. Ushering in the festive season, Xiaomi’s premium product series ‘Mi’ will be renamed to ‘Xiaomi’.”

However, as per the company, the corporate brand will continue to be represented by the “Mi” logo.

How Will it Impact Users?

For users, there will be no impact whatsoever.

The biggest difference will be visible in the future product launches of Xiaomi, which will now have only two brands: Xiaomi and Redmi.

Mi branded smartphones and gadgets will henceforth cease to exist.

For example, the upcoming 11T series of smartphones which will be launched on September 15th will be called Xiaomi 11T, instead of Mi 11T.

For the budget variants, Xiaomi will continue to use the Redmi brand for future releases.

Brand “Mi” have been fairly successful in India, with some of the biggest, best selling models being released under it.

But now, its time to say goodbye to the Mi brand, and say hello to Xiaomi and Redmi brands.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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