Xiaomi Beats Apple To Become 2nd Most Popular Smartphone Brand In Europe! Which Is #1 Brand?

Over the past decade, the Beijing-based consumer electronics company, Xiaomi has been growing steadily and established its brand presence in the global market. 

Xiaomi Beats Apple To Become 2nd Most Popular Smartphone Brand In Europe! Which Is #1 Brand?

Increasing Presence In Global Market 

Be it be smartphones, tablets, earphones, dash cams, or even weighing scales, Xiaomi has become a household name for many regions across the world.

Now, the brand is the 2nd most popular smartphone brand in Europe, overtaking Apple, as per the Xiaomi Corporation published quarterly report Q2 2022.

Moving ahead, Xiaomi states that the company is growing its global footprint, and increasing its market share globally steadily for the past few years, as per a published report on the brand’s official global newsroom. 

Presently, the smartphone maker accounts for 21.7% of all smartphone shipments in Europe as company quotes in its Q2 2022.

It has ranked 2nd whilst overtaking Apple in 3rd and behind Samsung at 1st.

For Q2 2022, Xiaomi is ranked within the Top 3 in 55 markets globally in smartphone shipments.

It is ranked within the Top 5 across 67 markets globally in smartphone shipments. 

During Q2 2022, Xiaomi corporation said that it has recorded quarter-on-quarter growth in market share across the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Overseas Revenue Increase 

Coming to revenues, Xiaomi has announced that its overseas revenue now accounts for 48.4% of total revenue earned by the company.

This simply means that  almost half of the company’s total revenue is now reliant on its overseas operations outside of China.

This way reduces its reliance on the domestic market in China. 

In a single quarter alone,  Xiaomi recorded 34 billion RMB (4.95 billion USD) in overseas revenue for the second quarter of 2022.

Global Brand Recognition

When it comes to the Global brand recognition, Xiaomi was named on the Fortune Global 500 list for the fourth consecutive year and ranked 266th, advancing 72 spots from 2021 in August 2022.

In future, the smartphone maker expects its brand recognition on the global stage to continue to rise.

It appears that the company is heavily ramping up R&D investment to establish itself as a premium brand in the market.

Now, the brand is more closer and confident than ever to claiming the crown in the smartphone industry with both the professional Leica-branded Xiaomi 12S Ultra and Xiaomi Mix Fold 2.

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