IT Employees ‘Insensitive To Others’ Misery’ If They Refuse To Work From Office – Minister

He said that the reluctance to leave homes is inexcusable now that the risk has become “literally ‘zero’.”

Principal secretary of IT department Jayesh Ranjan slammed employees opposed to returning to offices as being insensitive to the plight of others.

Upon reports which corroborated Ranjan’s views, IT workers expressed fear of infection and unhappiness over added burden of childcare as schools remain shut.


Govt Rebukes Workers For Putting Health First

Ranjan said that the livelihoods of several are contingent on reopening of offices.

Doubling down on his opinion, he criticised those wanting to continue working from home for caring only about “their health, their children’s health, and the fact that they can relax in their homes.”

This blatant display of concern over one’s own and loved ones’ health is leading to financial hardship experienced by “taxi drivers, catering and security guys, and all other service providers.”

Infection Threat “Near Zero”

He said that the reluctance to leave homes was understandable during the first and second waves of the pandemic.

But it is inexcusable now that the risk has, according to him, become “literally ‘zero’.”

Meanwhile, IT employees, apart from the obvious fears of contracting and spreading the virus despite vaccination, have said that the quality of their work is just the same if not better from remote working. 

Some Opposed To WFH

Whereas other people, some working in sales, say that the lack of in-person interaction has stunted their ability to deliver.

They allege that this causes their careers to hang in the balance along with their work-life balance.

Workspaces Need Redesign

Kiran Chandra, President of the Forum for IT Professionals, said that they have repeatedly requested the govt to redesign workspaces such as enabling cross-ventilation.

They have also asked for testing facilities to be set up at IT offices so that those unwell can quickly get tested.

The forum said that if these basic requirements are met, then employees will be assured that their health and safety needs are being taken care of, which would prompt them to return to offices.

Protect The Public First

Instead of going about making insensitive comments, it might better serve the public at large if the govt uses its position of power to issue a circular which mandates IT firms to redesign workspaces.

The threat of infection should not be underestimated since if a single person gets infected, it can bring the whole team down, adversely affecting their entire project.

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