TCS, Infosys Unable To Use 230 Acres Of Land In This City; Will Reply To Collector

Various government throughout the country do their bid to boost the employment rate in their own area. For that, the governments rope in corporate giants and sign MOUs with them. The government also tries to give land for free or with concession, with the hope that the public property will be used for employment creation.

But what if the corporates do not keep their part of the promise? What if they forgo or keep on postponing their part of the deal. The government needs to keep them in check as well, right? The same case has happened with IT giants TCS and Infosys in Indore.

TCS, Infosys Unable To Use 230 Acres Of Land In Indore.

Intending to make the city a new IT hub in the country, the Madhya Pradesh state government had given 100-acre land to TCS and 130 acres to Infosys through MP State Electronics Development Corporation with a condition of providing jobs to local candidates and using the whole area of the land.

As per the lease condition, both the companies have failed to offer jobs to local candidates and also did not build the campus in the entire allotted land.

District Collector serves notice to both organizations

Recently district collector Manish Singh issued a notice to representatives of both the companies while stating that they have breached the terms and conditions of the lease agreement signed at the time of the handing over land at Supper Corridor to them.

Both organizations were given time to respond to the notice by Friday.

How these companies respond and if they take any steps in the direction of fulfilling their promise, all these questions will be answered in the upcoming days.

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