Watch WhatsApp Videos, Images Only Once Before Vanishing: New WhatsApp Feature Rolling Out

Watch Whatsapp Videos, Images Only Once Before Vanishing: New Whatsapp Feature Rolling Out
Watch Whatsapp Videos, Images Only Once Before Vanishing: New Whatsapp Feature Rolling Out

Today, WhatsApp is rolling out a very useful feature on WhatsApp for Android users, with the expectation to make messaging more private.

WhatsApp New Feature 

Prior to this, last month, WhatsApp introduced a feature called expiring media, better known as view once.

According to this feature, photos and videos sent using this mode can only be viewed once, and they disappear from the chat after you dismiss the photo or the video.

Now, Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart confirmed that this feature is coming on WhatsApp very soon.

It seems like they have kept their word as WhatsApp is finally rolling out this feature on WhatsApp for Android today.

How To Check This Feature?

If you are curious on how to verify if this feature is already enabled for your WhatsApp account?

Then It’s very simple, just observe if there is a view once button while sharing the media.

As per this feature, when you send photos and videos using view once, they can only be viewed once, and you’re notified when the recipient has opened them.

Once you view them, photos and videos are set to view once and will  disappear after you close them.

Some Important Facts About Expiring Media Feature

Before using this  view once feature, you should know how it works when you share a photo or video.

1. You can use this feature while sending photos and videos set to view once in groups, and can see who opened them in Message Info.

2. The recipient can still save the photo or video by taking screenshots or video captures. 

In that case, WhatsApp won’t notify you because there isn’t a screenshot detection, so be careful.

3. In case you disable read receipts, the recipient will still see if you have opened the photo or video set to view once.

However, you cannot see when the recipient opens yours. 

While if you send in groups then you can see when other participants open expiring photos even if you have disabled read receipts.

4. Also note that the blocked contacts in common groups can still open those photos and videos. 

So, they cannot message or call you but they can still interact with you in groups.

5. In case you send a photo using the view once to people that haven’t this feature enabled. Still, the view once feature will work and they can only view it once.

Currently, the feature is available for all Android beta testers. 

In case you don’t see this feature then need to wait for the next updates as it will help you to get that feature.

The people who didn’t join the beta program can only receive photos and videos set to view once. 

Although, the activation for iOS beta testers will be following later.

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