TCS Plans Hybrid Workplace Model For 4.5 Lakh Employees: Neither Office Nor Home, But A ‘Third’ Option

TCS also declared ahead of time that by 2025, only a quarter of the total workforce will report to the office.

Tata Sons Pvt Chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran attended the Qatar Economic Forum, where he said that the pandemic has altered the way people work and has rapidly accelerated digital adoption by a good 10 years. 

The New Normal

Instead of the conventional work model where employees commute to and from offices daily, a hybrid model has instead taken its place where work is done beyond offices and gets more engagement from women. 

The office still retains its significance as a critical hub and staff will be asked to return, but the odds of a complete return to pre-Covid conventions are low. 

Fellow attendees at the Forum such as Iwg Plc CEO Mark Dixon were in agreement, saying that allowing flexibility for its staff will benefit the workplace using the assistance of technology.

TCS Makes Adjustments In Wake Of Pandemic

The 150-year-old steel-to-airlines conglomerate was rushed into following lockdown restrictions when the pandemic broke out last year. 

Nearly 5 lakh workers were sent home to work where they continued to deliver software projects and support to Wall Street banks, retailers and airlines.

TCS also declared ahead of time that by 2025, only a quarter of the total workforce will report to the office.

A Third Model

But Chandrasekaran acknowledged that many of the firm’s employees were in favor of returning to the office, hence making the company go back to the drawing board charting out a plan to adopt a model to bridge the gap. 

He expanded the idea of hybrid work model to include, apart from office and home workspaces, a third alternative- a satellite office. 

Benefits Of A Satellite Workplace

The satellite model could help bring in more diversity to the workplace.

The gender ratio will also see a boost as more women can divide their time between domestic commitments and professional demands.

From a bigger perspective, the country’s economy also stands to benefit with a growth in GDP. 

But above all, Chandrasekaran said that “it is the right thing to do.”

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