Apple Forcing Employees To Work From Office? Mass Resignations Begins As Apple Ends WFH

A hybrid working model starting in September was announced earlier this week by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Under the model, signaling intent to partially end the Work-From-Home routine, the company expects the staff to work at least three days from the office and just two days from home.

New Hybrid Working Model Not Received Well

However, the move has not been received well by the employees as they do not find the model flexible enough.

A letter from Apple employees, published by The Verge spoke of a growing concern among the employees.

It said that the company’s remote/location-flexible work policy as well as the communication around it has caused some of the employees to quit. It said that the lack of flexibility, has caused the employees to choose between either a combination of our families, our well-being, and being empowered to do our best work, or being a part of apple.

The  re??rt  ??ints  ?ut  th?t  em?l?yees  ?nd  m?n?gement  h?ve  ?  different  ?ers?e?tive  ?b?ut  rem?te  w?rking.  In  the  letter,  em?l?yees  ?bje?ted  t?  ???le’s  e?rlier  ??mmuni??ti?ns,  su?h  ?s  “we  kn?w  m?ny  ?f  y?u  ?re  e?ger  t?  re??nne?t  in  ?ers?n  with  y?ur  ??lle?gues  b??k  in  the  ?ffi?e.”  They  s?id  th?t  these  mess?ges  were  sent  des?ite  ?  ??ntr?di?t?ry  view  fr?m  s?me  ?f  the  em?l?yees.

Reportedly this letter was started in a Slack channel for “remote work advocates” which is believed to have approximately 2800 members. The report said that about 80 people were involved in the letter addressed to Cook.

Flexible Work For Diversity & Inclusion

Apple employees in a letter have asked the management to embrace remote work to push diversity and inclusion efforts. The letter added “F?r  in?lusi?n  ?nd  diversity  t?  w?rk,  we  h?ve  t?  re??gnize  h?w  different  we  ?ll  ?re,  ?nd  with  th?se  differen?es,  ??me  different  needs  ?nd  different  w?ys  t?  thrive”.

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