Boom In IT Jobs As Hiring Increase By 39% In May; Pune Beats Bengaluru In Hiring

As per the latest Naukri JobSpeak report, as compared to April 2021, the IT-software sector in India recorded a 14 percent sequential growth in hiring in May 2021.

Mass recruitment announced by several tech firms such as Adobe, IBM, Oracle, Udaan, Accenture, Meesho, Flipkart, and Nike India is the reason attributed for such a growth.

Overall Hiring Increase By 39%

Pune with 12 percent, Bengaluru with 9, Mumbai with 5, and Hyderabad with 4 percent are have demonstrated a growth in hiring in May 2021 vs April 2021 period.

However, Delhi/NCR saw a decline of 11 percent. Smaller cities such as Jaipur (-19 percent), Vadodara (-9), and Coimbatore (-5) witnessed a downturn as well.

Overall, there has been an improvement of 39 percent in May 2021 in the tech hiring space. 

Naukri JobSpeak report said that the pace of digital transformation across sectors has been accelerated by the pandemic and hence has created a need for rapid and scaled deployment and the same is reflected in the IT-Software industry.

Hiring Across Sectors

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