Horrific Images Show Employees Escaping From Biggest iPhone Factory: But Why?

Apple’s biggest plant in China is being abandoned by its workers, who are leaving the factory to avoid safety precautions imposed to prevent the spreading of COVID. 

Horrific Images Show Employees Escaping From Biggest iPhone Factory: But Why?

The staff has had to suffer poor living conditions under the COVID measures that were imposed quite hurriedly. 

Workers Leave Apple’s Premises To Escape COVID Restrictions

After strict Covid curbs were imposed at the largest iPhone plant in the world in Zhengzhou to contain an outbreak, local authorities from several regions in the central Henan province said they will receive Foxconn Technology Group workers returning home.

As per reports, workers will have to go through multiple days of mandatory quarantine. Additionally, Cities such as Mengzhou and Luoyang have arranged for buses to ferry workers to isolation areas. 

Buses and government representatives have been dispatched by the Dagang county government to assist in transporting workers to quarantine locations for a required seven days of isolation before allowing them to return home.

A lot of posts have emerged on social media that show employees leaving the premises. 

Workers Suffering Poor Living Conditions, Food Scarcity

This is one of many reasons for the tensions brewing among the employees. Apparently, they are also suffering a scarcity of food as cafeterias were shut down at the “iPhone city.” 

There also are reports that state that meal boxes were only provided to employees working on production lines; those who were ill or afraid to leave their dormitories provided by the company received more basic meals like bread and instant noodles.

There is no clarity on how many people were allowed to leave the premises and Foxconn and Apple haven’t made any comment on it either.

China’s Zero Tolerance Policy Against COVID

Taking a zero-tolerance stance against the pandemic, China has shut down factories and disrupted supply chains. 

Closed loops allow businesses to continue operating during lockdowns, but they have a negative impact on employees because their movements are severely restricted and some are even forced to sleep on factory floors. 

In order to restart production during Shanghai’s unrest-related lockdown earlier this year, Tesla Inc. used a closed loop. 

At the Shanghai factory of Quanta Computer Inc. in May, hundreds of employees fought with security guards after being denied access to the outside world for months.


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