Mark Zuckerberg Confirms: Whatsapp Will Have View-Only-Once Feature, Disappearing Messages

Mark Zuckerberg Confirms: Whatsapp Will Have View-Only-Once Feature, Disappearing Messages
Mark Zuckerberg Confirms: Whatsapp Will Have View-Only-Once Feature, Disappearing Messages

Some new updates for the popular social networking platform, WhatsApp, are on their way, and the confirmation for this comes directly from Mark Zuckerberg and the CEO of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart.

What are the new features that will be introduced on WhatsApp? Let’s find out!

Mark Zuckerberg Confirms New Features To Come To WhatsApp Soon!

As per the reports by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp itself reached out and discussed the new features that will be rolled out on the application. 

While the chat was initially between WABetaInfo and Will Cathcart, Mark Zuckerberg joined in too, to confirm the introduction of the new features.

Mark Zuckerberg has stated that the most important interaction between people is private messaging. The app already has plans to introduce disappearing messages and has also talked about features that will keep people’s chats and messages more private.

Zuckerberg confirmed that the disappearing mode is coming soon to WhatsApp, which will automatically enable ephemeral messages in new chat threads. He also confirmed that the “View Once” feature will also be introduced soon. Under this feature, if you send videos and photos to people, they will only open the photos and videos only once before they disappear from the chat thread.

WhatsApp is also working on using WhatsApp on different devices without an internet connection. As per Mark Zuckerberg, “it’s been a big technical challenge to get all your messages and content to sync.”

Multi Device Feature To Be Rolled Out In Public Beta

Will Cathcart also confirmed that the multi device feature will be rolled out in a public beta within two months!

Along with that, Cathcart has confirmed that WhatsApp can now be used on iPad thanks to the multi device feature. Additionally, WhatsApp will open the beta up to some more iOS users soon. He also said that up to 4 links can be connected using multi device features. 

WABetaInfo had earlier reported that WhatsApp would limit multi-device support to four devices for one account.Unlike how WhatsApp web works, this feature will allow users to use WhatsApp on different devices, despite the primary device not necessarily connected to the internet.

It is said that the new multi-device support feature will be integrated into the WhatsApp settings. 

The ‘Settings’ section will have a linked devices section, through which users will be able to link multiple devices by tapping on the ‘Link a new device’ option, in addition to a toggle on and off option.

On activating the multi-device feature, all your linked gadgets will be notified simultaneously whenever a new message is received. Additionally, all your actions, like starring a message, or archiving a text, will be synced. 

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