Only iPhone Users Of WhatsApp Will Get These Two New Features; Not For Android Users!

Two new features have been rolled out the instant messaging giant WhatsApp for its iPhone users. Larger media previews as well as more control over the disappearing messages feature in groups shall be offered to the iOS users of WhatsApp in the latest update.

The features firstappeared in the beta version of the messaging app a few days ago but now it has been officially released them for the iOS users. However, there is no update yet for the android users but they might also get the features soon.

Larger Media Previews

With the new2.21.71 update, iOS users of Whatsapp will no longer have to view the complete picture or a video by clicking on them. The users shall receive the image or video in its original size, unlike appearing in a small square box. This feature as of now is only exclusive to iOS users.

Disappearing Messages In A Group

Another feature is the ability to allow the settings of disappearing messages in a group. Now, every iOS user who is a member of the group can change the disappearing messages settings. Prior to this, only the group admin had the power of changing the settings of disappearing messages, whether to turn it off or not.

However, the ball is still in the court of the group admin and he gets to decide whether or not he wants the participants to change the settings in the group. Only admins can change the settings to allow only the admins to change the disappearing messages settings which can be done by changing the “Edit Group Info”. So, until the admin decides, members cant do so.

For the unaware, the disappearing messages feature was launched by Whatsapp last year. In this, one can send messages which will remain in the chatbox for a specific period of time and will disappear after seven days. However, the feature must be enabled from the settings in order to be used.

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