Deloitte Will Hire 75,000 Staff In India; Confident Over Recovery Of Economy From Covid19

Speaking about India & Covid19 which has impacted the entire world, the Deloitte CEO Punit Renjen said that he is sure that India will come out the crisis with flying colours. Adding to his assertion, the 60-year-old prominent Indian-American business leader went on to say that the 21st century is “India’s century”.

He hauled the government for being able to address the challenges posed by the covid 19 pandemic very well.

Confident About India & 21st Century Is “India’s century”

He said that the century belongs to the country due to its raw talent, the population and due to its democratic tradition that has been around for 75 years.

He added that the investors particularly look for a stable government and India has been a democracy for over 75 years. Then comes a large consumer base, which again India has due to its sheer size. But its true competitive advantage is its highly talented individuals.

Speaking of the pandemic, he said that corona hit the Indian economy very hard due to the population and lockdown. He called the report by International Monetary Fund which projected 12.5 per cent growth rate for the country as remarkable.

He is bullish of Indian recovery, adding that though the virus is bolt out of blue but then again difficult times are not just unique to India.

Deloitte Will Hire 75,000 Staff

Calling that India has all it takes, he added that the firm shall 75,000 additional individuals as the firm believes that the talent exists in India.

According to him, means of doing business must be ensured by the nation not only in context of attracting foreign investment coming to India but also from the point of view of India being the base to serve the rest of the world.

India, according to him, dominates in technology and is the pharmaceutical engine for rest of the world. According to him, new opportunities lie in digitization, cloud, the technology-enabled secular growth.

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