Pune-Nasik In 105 Mins: Rs 16000 Crore Semi High Speed Rail Will Reduce Travel Time By 66%

The the much-awaited Pune-Nashik semi-high-speed rail line has been approved by the Maharashtra State Cabinet.
The the much-awaited Pune-Nashik semi-high-speed rail line has been approved by the Maharashtra State Cabinet.

Maharashtra is one step closer to setting up the Mumbai-Pune-Nashik golden triangle, as an emerging economic hub.

The state cabinet has finally approved the much-awaited Pune-Nashik semi-high-speed rail line. This is expected to bring along a lot of changes in social as well as economic fronts.

The project, on completion will reduce the travel time from Pune to Nashik to under two hours, opposed to six hours at present.

Here are all the highlights of the upcoming Pune-Nashik semi-high-speed rail line.

Pune-Nashik Rail

The Pune-Nashik semi-high-speed rail line will divert the road traffic between the two cities, which will reduce the number of vehicles being used for transportation by roads.

It will also leverage the Mumbai-Pune-Nashik golden triangle as an emerging economic hub.

The project is reported to cost Rs 16,039 crore and will cut down the travel time between the two cities by more than 4 hours, giving a strong push to both passenger and freight services.

As per the proposal, the train is set to start from Pune railway station and terminate at the Nashik Road railway station. Until Hadapsar (from Pune), the train will run on an elevated deck, thereafter on the ground.

Coaches Information and Socio-Economic Benefits

As per reports, the train will initially have 6 coaches and run at a speed of 200 kmph, which will increment to 12-16 coaches (as required) running at about 250 kmph on the broad- gauge line.

In extension to diverting the traffic between Mumbai and Pune from roads to rail lines, the train will also give rise to many socio-economic benefits, like generating employment, bringing down the number of accidents and vehicular pollution.

The Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (MRIDC)  is the agency executing the project. It is a joint venture of the Maharashtra government and the ministry of railways, with an objective to boost rail infrastructure projects in the state by providing critical connectivity and capacity enhancement.

“The state has approved the Pune-Nashik railway project. Once we get the requisite approval from the central government’s cabinet committee and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the work would start on ground. We have already begun the land acquisition process for the project.”, says the official.

  • Total Length of the rail line: 235.15 km
  • Estimated time taken from Pune to Nashik: 1.45 hours
  • Number of proposed stations between source and destination: 24
  • Proposed under bridges: 128
  • Proposed tunnels: 18

“This project will be a role model for development of new railway line networks in Maharashtra. This project is unique because it is the first broad-gauge semi high-speed rail-line in India. It is designed in such a way that goods trains, conventional passenger trains as well as high-speed trains can run on the same route.”, says managing director, MahaRail, Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal.

Source: Mumbai mirror

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