After 12 Months, Indian Railways Will Start Unreserved Trains: Routes, Dates, Timings & More

Indian Railways to add 35 unreserved and Express special trains into service from February 22.
Indian Railways to add 35 unreserved and Express special trains into service from February 22.

We have been covering every detail revolving around the resumption of Indian Railways’ train services, along with developments in the same.

The coronavirus pandemic has painted a grim picture of the nationwide lockdown, leading to discontinuation of travel services not just around the country but across the globe.

The government allowed Railways to resume its services from June 1, that too in a graded manner, after a moratorium of about 3 months.

The Indian Railways have been amplifying their operations in a staggered manner, with about 65% passenger trains in operation at present. 

Newer trains, in the count of 100-200 are being added (resumed) to the list of operational trains every month, with over 250 trains added in January itself.

Amidst the gradual resumption of trains services in the country, Union Minister for Railways Piyush Goyal informed that Indian Railways will be adding 35 unreserved trains and Express Special trains into service, from February 22.

He tweeted, “With the continuous increase in passenger services, Indian Railways is going to start 35 unreserved mail and express special trains from next 22 February”.

Complete List of 35 Unreserved Mail and Express Special Trains 

Source: Twitter (Piyush Goyal)

Railways’ Revenue Falls by Rs 36,993 Cr

Answering a question in Lok Sabha, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal informed the Parliament on Wednesday that the revenue of Railways’ reduced by Rs 36,993 crore in 2020.

He added that this decline in revenue was due to the adverse impact of Covid-19 pandemic-induced nationwide lockdown and partial operation of train services across the country in 2020.

“Total traffic revenue of railways in the current year to end of December 2020 has declined by ?36,993.82 crore compared to corresponding period of last year.”, stated Goyal.

Of this amount, Rs 32,768.97 crore is due to the decline in passenger revenues during this period.

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