Full Charge In 5 Minutes: Xiaomi 200W Fast Charger Coming, Mi Air Charge Launched

Xiaomi 200W charging technology is in works, leaked on Weibo. Realme is all set to bring it’s 125W charging technology commercially, while iQOO 7 has already been launched with 120W fast charging solution. Xiaomi is all set to peak up the level with a 200W charger as per the incoming reports. The leaked post suggests that Xiaomi will soon be launching a 200W fast charging flagship smartphone.

Full Charge In 5 Minutes: Xiaomi 200W Fast Charger Coming, Mi Air Charge Launched

Leaked by popular Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station, a 200W flagship device will be launching soon.

The brand wasn’t mentioned in the post, but the rumour mill hints at Xiaomi. The smartphone company has been in the news earlier rumoured to be working on a similar 200W fast charging technology.

Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition came with 120W wired charging along with 55W wireless charging and up to 10W reverse charging rates. The post further added the 200W+ charging rates for different forms. So, it could be a cumulative of all the charging technologies: wired charging, wireless charging and reverse charging.

Xiaomi also announced Mi Air Charge, a remote charging technology which can wirelessly charge multiple devices simultaneously without the need of any cables or contact. So, you will not have to connect any cables or place your device on a wireless charging stand to juice it up.

Mi Air Charge technology allows charging without any local connection or contact. The charging technology uses the “self-developed isolated charging pile” to throw energy beams at the device to be charged in air.

The device can be used from a distance, upto a couple of meters from the charger to be charged without any contact or cable. Xiaomi has claimed that the Air Charge technology is capable of delivering 5W of power, which will improve as the technology is upgraded with time.

Xiaomi has explained that the Air Charge technology will use space positioning and energy transmission to charge the smartphone in the air. The technology uses beams to determine the device’s position and charges it out of air.

The self-developed isolated charging pile comes with five phase built in interference antennas which transmits millimeter-wide waves directly to the phone through beamforming. The millimeter wave signal emitted by the charging pile turns into electric energy through the rectifier circuit.

Xiaomi is currently offering 5W remote charging technology within a radius of a few meters. The Mi Air Charger can charge multiple devices (each device supports 5 watts) and even with physical obstacles. The company also added that the technology currently remains only limited to smartphones, but in future, Mi Air Charge will also work with smartwatches, wearables and accessories.

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