Airtel Beats Jio 4th Month In Row: Adds 126% More New Users In 30 Days; Vodafone-Idea Lost 2.8 Million Users

Airtel Beats Jio 4th Month In Row: Adds 126% More New Users In 30 Days; Vodafone-Idea 2.8 Million Users
Airtel Beats Jio 4th Month In Row: Adds 126% More New Users In 30 Days; Vodafone-Idea 2.8 Million Users

The cold war between Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel is becoming outfront now. While Reliance released its telecom subsidiary, Jio, in 2016 other telcos hit a bottom rock. However, Airtel managed to maintain its position and posed as the sole competitor for the new operator that intended to overtake the market.

We had recently reported that both the companies are gearing up to establish their own 5G network better and faster than the other. Recent reports by Trai showed that Airtel is gathering more number of subscribers than Jio for four consecutive months in November 2020.

Airtel Has Overtaking Jio

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), Bharti Airtel, announced that it had tested 5G network commercially in Hyderabad. While this poses as a threat to Ambani led Reliance Jio, it is not the only one since Airtel is also adding more subscribers day by day.

However, Airtel grabbing more subscribers is worse news for VI ( the collaboration of Idea and Vodafone) than for Jio. Apparently, around 2.8 million subscribers ditched VI in the month of November and most of them preferred Airtel instead.

As compared to 1.9 million subscribers registered by Jio in November 2020, its arch nemesis Airtel managed to bag a whopping 4.3 million subscribers. This is not the first time Airtel has left Jio behind. This was the fourth consecutive month that Airtel has surpassed Jio in terms of monthly gain in subscribers.

Airtel Runs Ahead In Terms Of Active Users.

Though Reliance Jio has considerably more number of subscribers in total, Airtel runs ahead in terms of number of active subscriptions. According to the Telecom Subscription data released by Trai, the ratio of active wireless subscriber (VLR) and total wireless subscribers (HLR) is the highest for Airtel.

 Airtel has a total 334.66 million subscribers out of which 323.39 million are active users. This makes the active user ratio of Airtel around 96.63% which is highest for any telco.

On the other hand, though VI has lost its subscribers, it stands on the second place on the VLR list. The partnership has 289.89 million subscribers right now, 89% of which are active. However, Jio is struggling in this particular race as it stands on the fourth place. With a ratio of 79.55%, only 324.78 million users out of 408.29 subscriptions were active inNovember.

If the figures remain the same, Airtel might surpass the number of total active very soon. Anyway, Jio has only around half million active subscribers more than Airtel right now.

If we look at the current situation of telecom market in India, Jio still has the maximum share of 35.34%. Besides, the customer market share of Airtel has also increased to 28.97%. However, Vi has showcased a decrease in share as it occupies 25.10% of the market.

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