Permanent Work From Home For 12,000 Flipkart Employees Till May, 2021

Permanent Work From Home For 12,000 Flipkart Employees Till May, 2021
Permanent Work From Home For 12,000 Flipkart Employees Till May, 2021

The Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart has confirmed extension of the Work from Home policy for its employees until May 31, 2021.

Recently, the Karnataka Government has announced for IT and software companies to continue working from home for some more months, as the pandemic is not expected to cool down anytime soon.

Flipkart, based in Bengaluru has now sent an email to its employees, extending the ‘phase-2 of the back to office plan’ until May 2021.

Flipkart Continues WFH Until May

While the e-comm giant had earlier rescheduled the work from home model to continue until December 2020, it has now extended the same till the end of May 2021.

Even currently, the office is not completely operating from home. Teams do check-in the office on roster basis and this will continue until May too.

However, the ecomm giant has instructed its employees to reserve their seats in advance, shall they compulsorily need to visit the office.

The email, drafted and sent by the company’s chief people officer Krishna Raghavan reads:

“Over the last several months, we have shown great resilience and character in dealing with the pandemic while adapting to altogether new ways of working, collaborating and staying optimistic.

The entire leadership team couldn’t be more proud of the outstanding spirit and positivity that you have demonstrated.

While we have all been eagerly waiting to see each other in person, there is no scope for letting our guard down, as we monitor the situation closely.

To keep ourselves and our families safe, the best we can do is to continue practising social distancing and exercising all mandatory precautions unless there’s a sure-shot cure in sight.

We hope this decision will help all of you plan your work and personal commitment until May next year. 

I assure you that we are with you, every step of the way. Your health, safety and mental wellness will always be our topmost priority.

Flipkart’s Employee Engagement Initiatives

The Covid-induced pandemic gave birth to the ‘Work from Home’ model.

Now, despite the economy reviving and businesses gaining momentum, companies all around the world have realised that this work model is here to stay, even post pandemic.

Consequently, they have started investing more on keeping their employees happy through virtual engagements and interesting team-building initiatives.

Over time, we have covered several such stories of different IT companies providing one-of-its kind benefits to their employees.

Flipkart too is working towards bringing wellness and engagement programmes to its employees.

It has introduced the ‘Covid Care Leaves’, which allows employees to use 28 calendar days of paid leave, if diagnosed with COVID-19.

Another such benefit given to its employees, is the ‘time away from work policy’, which lets them take ‘unlimited bereavement leave’, in case of loss of a family member.

Besides these initiatives, employees are directed to take a mandatory 1-hour lunch break, during which no meeting is allowed to be scheduled.

Some teams have even declared mandatory days off, every month, and others are scheduling shorter working Fridays.

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