No Galaxy Note 12: Why Samsung Wants To Discontinue Galaxy Note Series?

Samsung is said to be in preliminary talks of discontinuing the popular Galaxy Note series. But why? After a successful run for almost a decade, why all of a sudden Samsung is planning to discontinue the Galaxy Note series? Tough competition in the premium segment? Samsung losing ground? Less product differentiation?

No Galaxy Note 12: Why Samsung Wants To Discontinue Galaxy Note Series?

Let’s dig in a little deep.

Samsung debuted with the first Galaxy Note in 2011, which paved way for a new range of phones with big screens. The Galaxy Note was all about large screens, top-end technology and the S-Pen. Galaxy Note phones also helped the South Korean tech giant to overtake Apple to become the world’s largest smartphone maker for the first ever in the same year.

So, why Samsung is planning to discontinue the premium Galaxy Note phone next year? The Note phones by Samsung over the years have gone through a sea change, and they are still among the favourites for flagship lovers. Many are suspecting that the move is a result of slump demand for high-end smartphones due to the pandemic.

The Samsung Galaxy Note phones have been known for their massive screens, top-end processors and the stylus for note-taking, which is why the series is named under the same name. Samsung premium phone series have always been able to stand out in the market for innovative technology and capabilities.

But, eventually Samsung may look to focus more on entry-premium and mid-range segments than the high-end category. Samsung will probably focus more on value-for-money smartphones as Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Galaxy S20 FE and such phones with more potential buyers.

Consumer demand has seen a huge spike in these categories, and Samsung can offer the premium features at these pricing categories. Also, Samsung launching two series of flagships in a year could be a problem as well.

The Galaxy S series already constitutes a number of phones, and launching another set of flagships could seem unnecessary for Samsung given the what sets Note series apart is only the stylus. Looking at the current reports, Samsung as of now has no plans to launch Galaxy Note for 2021.

Instead, the company will focus on the upcoming Galaxy S21 series with two additional models. A top-end Galaxy S21 will also come with a stylus along with Samsung’s foldable phone, so there would be no need for another Samsung flagship for the sake of just a stylus.

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