Wipro, TCS Embrace No Shore Model: Location Of Employees Doesn’t Matter Now!

Wipro, TCS Embrace No Shore Model: Location Of Employees Doesn't Matter Now!
Wipro, TCS Embrace No Shore Model: Location Of Employees Doesn’t Matter Now!

The ‘Work from Home’ work ethic, originated due to the ongoing pandemic is now sinking its claws in organisational workplace models, more than ever.

Various companies from different industry sectors are now realizing that shifting offices to home is no longer a vague idea. We have covered plenty of companies that extended the ‘WFH’ model to a permanent time-frame, even after the pandemic apparently ends.

Various IT giants in India have announced to adapt the “Work from Anywhere” model, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

No-Shore Model by Wipro

As work from home has become a prominent figure for IT companies, they have started to believe that location of their employees isn’t a major concern for getting the work done, in terms of efficiency.

Due to remote working, the concept of onshore, offshore or near-shore is seen to be eliminated, which has resulted in a ‘no-shore’ sense of model.

IT giant Wipro has come up with a ‘No-shore’ approach of remote working, under which it claims to ‘meet the needs of the digital era while helping businesses pivot toward the future.’

It adds, “Our No-Shore approach assembles cross-functional teams that achieve the efficiency and power of co-located staff, but using a distributed-delivery model. 

Using Wipro’s No-Shore model, companies are freed to focus not on identifying experts or managing projects, but on creating new products and services that deliver customer value.”

Other IT Giants on ‘No-Shore’ Model

We have covered plenty of articles regarding TCS’ definite shift to a permanent work from home model for its employees, even after the pandemic subsides.

In fact, TCS has more than once flaunted it’s extremely well-crafted ‘TCS Secure Borderless Workspaces‘, wherein only 25% workforce will have to come to office sites at any given day. 

“Our operating model is bringing together a team of talent across the globe with the right cost structure. It is a multi-shoring model and a no-shore one. It is democratisation of the talent base,” says TCS COO N Ganapathy Subramaniam.

Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy however, isn’t very fond of the idea of a permanent work from home setup.

“I believe the office is the place to work, home is the place to spend time with your loved ones. Mixing the two is not a good idea on a long-term basis.”, he adds.

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