Jio Gets 1Gbps Speed On 5G Network! Download A Movie In 4 Seconds With 5G Speed

Jio Gets 1Gbps Speed On 5G Network! Download A Movie In 4 Seconds With 5G Speed
Jio Gets 1Gbps Speed On 5G Network! Download A Movie In 4 Seconds With 5G Speed

Reliance Jio and Qualcomm Technologies Inc will be working together to bring along 5G network architecture in India.

The companies announced yesterday, at the Qualcomm 5G Summit that the partnership between the two companies will fast track the development and roll out of 5G network infrastructure and services in the country.

The companies have decided to bring life to this plan, by using a virtualized Radio Access Network, RAN.

Reliance Jio and Qualcomm Achieve 1GBPS+ 5G Trials

The announcement came during a virtual 5G summit on Tuesday.

At the Summit yesterday, Jio announced that it achieved a 5G speed of over 1GBPS on the Reliance Jio 5GNR software. This software uses Qualcomm’s 5G RAN Platforms.

This clearly showcases Jio’s potential in 5G, thereby marking India’s entry into the Gigabit 5G NR product portfolio.

At this 5G Summit, Reliance Jio Infocomm President Mathew Oomen informed about Jio’s successful development of a fully indigenous 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) product.

Qualcomm added that Snapdragon will support OpenRAN 5G, along with Jio and various other telecom companies.

Advantages of 5G Network

Qualcomm has notified that the portfolio of Qualcomm 5G RAN Platforms is designed to provide a foundation for flexible, virtualized, scalable, and interoperable cellular network infrastructure. 

The 5G network will provide users with faster internet speeds, low latency communications, and other enhanced experiences across smartphones, laptops, AR/VR devices, and IoT products.

This will bring India one step closer to Mukesh Ambani’s goal of a 2G-mukt-Bharat.

As of now, 5G networks have not been launched in the country, as the government still has to allot spectrum for 5G trials.

Mukesh Ambani announced at Reliance’s AGM 2020 on 15 July, Today, friends, I have great pride in announcing that Jio has designed and developed a complete 5G solution from scratch. This will enable us to launch a world-class 5G service in India using 100 percent home-grown technologies and solutions. This Made-in-India 5G solution will be ready for trials as soon as 5G spectrum is available.”

With 5G speed of 1Gbps, users can download a movie of 700 MB in under 4 seconds!

Reliance and Qualcomm on Collaboration

“We are excited about working with Qualcomm Technologies in developing new generation cloud native 5G RAN technology that is truly open and software defined. The development of secure RAN solutions with Qualcomm Technologies combined with Jio Platforms and scale provides the ideal combination for local manufacturing and for accelerating the realization of Atmanirbhar Bharat for an inclusive 5G nation,” said Mathew Oommen, president, Reliance Jio Infocomm during the Qualcomm 5G Summit.

Rajen Vagadia, vice president, Qualcomm India Private Limited and President, Qualcomm India, said “We’re delighted to enter a new phase in our longtime relationship with Reliance Jio, building on our shared vision for 5G and supporting the digital transformation of India. As the need for reliable, robust and powerful mobile experiences increases across India, we anticipate a new wave of demand for 5G services from both end users and enterprises, such as manufacturing, health care and retail. Jio is regarded as a game changer in delivering cost effective and widespread 4G network coverage to its subscribers and we look forward to working closely with them on the journey to rollout advanced 5G infrastructure and services for Indian customers.”

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