Reliance Jio’s New Android Phone Will Cost Rs 4000; 20 Crore Handsets Will Be Sold!

Reliance Jio's New Android Phone Will Cost Rs 4000
Reliance Jio’s New Android Phone Will Cost Rs 4000

Reliance Industries is planning to introduce another Jio smartphone and has already asked local suppliers to boost their production capacity in India.

The company reportedly wants to manufacture as much as 200 million smartphones over the the span of next two years.

Find out what the new device by Reliance would be like right here!

Reliance Jio’s New Model To Cost Rs. 4000; To Manufacture 200 Million Smartphones 

Reliance Industries Ltd. is in discussions with domestic assemblers to design and develop another version of its Jio phone. This new version will cost only Rs. 4000 ($54) as revealed by the sources close to the development. The plans are still under the wraps by the company.

These new inexpensive phones will also offer low-cost wireless plans from Reliance Jio.

The company has asked local suppliers to increase their production capacity in India so as to make as much as 200 million smartphones in the next two years.

It seems as though the Mukesh Ambani led company wants to give the Indian smartphone industry a remake, similar to his actions in the wireless services where Jio offered some extreme and inexpensive plans. 

Reliance’s Move To Be A Boost For Local Manufacturers; 165 Million Smartphones Produced Last Year

He also is looking to working with the Indian Government’s plans of developing more manufacturing plants locally, which would boost the business of local assemblers such as Dixon Technologies India, Lava International, and Karbonn Mobiles.

Pankaj Mohindroo, chairman of the India Cellular & Electronic Association, said, “We are of course trying to build our domestic companies. We have a sweet spot in entry level phones. The world has realized that India is a great place to do business and a great place to do manufacturing also.”

This ambitious target of selling 150 million to 200 million phones in only two years would definitely be a positive turn for local manufacturers. As of the year that ended in March, India has assembled about 165 million smartphones and basic feature phones as revealed by Mohindroo’s association. Of these, one fifth of the smartphones costed less than Rs. 7000.

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