JioGlass, Jio5G Phone, JioOS, Jio-Google Mega Deal: Critical Highlights From Reliance AGM

JioGlass, Jio5G Phone, JioOS, Jio-Google Mega Deal: Critical Highlights From Reliance AGM
JioGlass, Jio5G Phone, JioOS, Jio-Google Mega Deal: Critical Highlights From Reliance AGM

After so much speculation, on 15 July, Mukesh Ambani announced that Google will be a strategic partner in Jio Platforms while addressing the 43rd Reliance Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday.

Jio Google Partnership

According to this strategic partnership, Google will be investing Rs 33,737 crore for a 7.7 percent stake in Jio Platforms.

This was confirmed by the Reliance Industries head at the firm’s AGM, further adding that the target of capital raise for Jio Platforms is complete with the onboarding of Google.

JioGlass Launch

Apart from that Reliance Jio also launched JioGlass, which is a new mixed reality headset, that will help in enabling audio and holographic video calling for the post-Covid-19 world.

During the AGM, the director at Reliance Jio, Akash Ambani said, “Jio Glass is making teachers and students come together in 3D virtual rooms and conduct holographic classes through our Jio Mixed Reality cloud in real-time. With JioGlass, the traditional way of learning Geography will now be History,”.

According to Jio, JioGlass is at the innovative cutting edge of technology which provides the best-in-class mixed reality services to give users a truly meaningful immersive experience.

Ambani said that with the help of the Jio Developers program, that any app developer can develop, launch, and monetize their apps.

Jio 5G Technology

Further, they have announced about developing a complete 5G solution from scratch.

While talking about the 5G technology, he said, “5G technology is designed and developed in India and can be rolled out as soon as the spectrum is allocated. Jio’s home-made 5G technology can transform India,”.

Jio’s mobile broadband has become largest, and delivered 5 crore GB last month, and connected as many as a million homes on JioFiber, the telco said.

Jio Android-Based Smartphone OS

Further talking about its partnership with Google, Jio announced about creating a new “value-engineered” Android-based smartphone operating system. 

Moreover, the company is planning to launch an affordable 5G smartphone based on this new and optimized Android platform with the help of Google.

Further, Jio aims to launch an entry-level Jio 5G smartphone which can be a fraction of the cost of current 5G phones with the help of a value-engineered operating system. 

In the future, Jio plans to help millions of existing 2G feature phone users to make the shift to entry-level smartphones with the help of Google and the company says that this will be possible.

So far, Google with its Android Go initiative is aiming to bring millions of feature phone users in India to transition to smartphones.

JioMeet Downloads

During the meeting, they have also informed about the video conferencing app JioMeet as it has seen 5 million downloads within days of its launch.

Further talking on the subject,  Isha Ambani said, “JioMeet is India’s most-secure and cost-effective video conferencing platform. It is designed to address real-life scenarios and solve some of the key challenges of our time,”.

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