Use Same Whatsapp Account In 4 Different Devices With Synced Chats: How It Works?

Use Same Whatsapp Account In 4 Different Devices With Synced Chats: How It Works?
Use Same Whatsapp Account In 4 Different Devices With Synced Chats: How It Works?

WhatsApp will be rolling out the new and most awaited feature of the app – multi device support. Yes, very soon, we’ll be able to use the popular social networking app on more than one device.

How does the multi device support feature by WhatsApp work? Read on to find out all the details!

Whatsapp To Roll Out Multi Device Support Feature For Beta Testing

It has been a very long time since this new feature of WhatsApp is under development and now, there is news that it is in the final stage of testing and will be available for beta users very soon.

WABetaInfo, the platform which gives us regular updates about the new and upcoming features at WhatsApp has confirmed this news. The account said, “The next plan of WhatsApp is to give to beta testers the possibility to use this feature.”

As per reports, the new feature will allow users to use the same WhatsApp account on at least four different devices at the same time. Additionally, there is no need for your main device to have an active internet connection which is what is required in WhatsApp Web. in short, if your phone doesnt have an internet connection, you will be able to access your WhatsApp on the web or any other devices.

WhatsApp is now gearing up to launch this product;however, before this, the feature will be enabled for the app’s public beta testers. This means that the users who are on the public beta program of WhatsApp will be able to test the feature soon. 

However, there is no news about the actual launch date of this feature for regular users.

New UI To Be Launched For Desktop Version Specially For Multi Device Support

In addition to this, WhatsApp will also launch a new UI for the desktop version of this feature. Similar to the WhatsApp Web, the feature will be available under the tab “Linked Devices,” from where you can link your WhatsApp account to any new device. You will also be able to see the list of linked devices on the app.

There also is a Multi-device Beta option that you can toggle on/off if you want to try this feature. 

Also, all the features that are available on the primary device will not be available for the multidevice support feature. Only syncing chat history, starring/delivering messages, muting chats are available.

The Facebook owned platform is testing the feature for Android, and there is no news about this feature for iOS as of yet.

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