Hiring Picks Up In India, 100% Rise In Job Seekers; These Jobs Are High In Demand

Hiring Picks Up In India, 100% Rise In Job Seekers; These Jobs Are High In Demand
Hiring Picks Up In India, 100% Rise In Job Seekers; These Jobs Are High In Demand

As per the reports, hiring has picked up by a fair bit of pace in the last one month with the gradual reopening of lockdown, Indians are back in business.


LinkedIn Survey

According to a survey conducted by social networking firm LinkedIn, hiring has increased by a smart 35% between April and June. 

Apart from that, the HR consultants have also indicated that the pace of recruitment is to 70% of pre-COVID-19 levels as firms have started the recruitment process again.

The period between early-April to end-June, hiring increased by 35 percentage points as per the update showed by LinkedIn’s labor market.

During April, hiring had reduced to a low of below -50 percent year-on-year (YoY), before starting to the sluggish recovery.

As of June-end, the data displayed the hiring sentiment positions at -15 percent YoY due to the risks of second-wave of infections emerge and in turn, few states have imposed the lockdown measures again.

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Rise In Competition

According to LinkedIn, the competition is stiff as the average number of applicants for any role has been doubled over the last six months which was earlier around 90 in January is now 180 in June. 

But no worries there as according to HR experts, many multinational corporations are beginning to move more work to India.

By the end of the year, it is expected that it will boost the hiring process for their global technology, R&D and other requirements. 

Which Sectors Are Promising?

According to the survey, presently the jobs are not available in segments such as retail, recreation & travel and now these candidates ready to move to other sectors.

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As compared to the pre-COVID period, the job seekers who presently belong to the sluggish sectors like hospitality, are 6.8 times more likely to search for jobs in other promising sectors.

Which Skills Are In Demand In The Current Job Market?

Individuals, who are specializing in risk management and business continuity can command their price as now businesses are currently struggling to find experts in this space.

Current trends show that software engineers, sales managers, business development managers, business analyst and content writers are the top five jobs in demand.

 In addition to that, the top five skills currently in trends are JavaScript, sales management, SQL, team leadership and recruiting.

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