Permanent Work From Home For 30% Tech M Employees; HCL CFO Says WFH Is Not Healthy

Permanent Work From Home For 30% Tech M Employees
Permanent Work From Home For 30% Tech M Employees

Tech Mahindra has announced that about 25 to 30 percent of its employees will be working from home permanently. 

Multiple other organizations have also adopted the work from home model for good and Tech Mahindra is the latest to join the wagon.

Read on to find out Tech Mahindra’s new policy of work from home right here!

Tech Mahindra To Send 25 to 30 Percent Employees To Work From Home Permanently

Manoj Bhat, CFO, Tech Mahindra, said that about 25 to 30 percent of its employees will be sent to work from home permanently.

He was speaking after the first quarter results, noting that more than 90 percent of people have been working from home. The service delivery by the organization has also been valued greatly by the customers. He said that sending 25 to 30 people to work from home permanently is a long term plan.

He said, “Given the current uncertainty, working from offices will be a very small number, potentially at least for one or two quarters.”

The company had issued a statement previously wherein they announced that less than one percent of the employees are working from their homes. Apparently, some of Tech Mahindra’s service lines like business process services did go through some challenges when the employees started working from home.

As per reports, the company has invested in the integrated command and control center. This will allow the company to generate outcomes and put mitigation plans at risk, regardless of it working from home or office. 

Companies Introducing Permanent/Hybrid Work From Home Models

The work from home model has incurred mixed responses everywhere, leading companies to adopt a hybrid model. This simply means that some sections of employees will be working form homes whereas others will be working from their workplaces. 

Prior to this, Wipro chairman, Rishad Premji said that more than 90% of employees are already working from home, and the company might be shifting to working from home permanently.

Whereas, HCL Tech has decided not to implement the work from home model permanently as it isn’t physically or emotionally healthy.

“In the office, they will meet people, get some fresh air. When they work from home continuously, we believe that it is not healthy in the longer run. So we are not mandating anywhere,” VV Apparao, chief human resources officer said.

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