iOS 14 Beta: Update List, Release Date, How To Download, Top Features And Everything

iOS 14 release date? iOS 14 supported devices? Top features? Here’s everything you need to know about the all-new iOS 14. Widgets have been updated. You can also add widgets for weather, Apple Music and other features. iOS 14 now offers system-wide picture-in-picture. 

iOS 14 Beta: Update List, Release Date, How To Download, Top Features And Everything

Messages have new features as pinning contacts, conversations with Group chats being threaded. 

iOS 14 now comes with features as App Library, Widgets, Picture-in-Picture and more. Apple Maps and CarPlay have new features.

Apple will start to roll out iOS 14 later this year for all supported iPhone models. The company also took off the wraps off other different software versions for different apple devices as: tvOS 14, WatchOS 7, iPadOS 7 and new features for AirPods.

Here’s everything about iOS 14.


iOS 14 New Features: Top iOS 14 Features

The new iOS 14 has been completely redesigned with more customized features. There’s an all-new App Library, Widgets, Picture-in-Picture, and much more. 

App Library: Apps Organised The Right Way

iOS 14 has the new App Library view which will organize all your apps. The new feature automatically organizes the App Library on your home screen view. Apps will be organized in the home screen under different folders. You can also hide apps in the main home screen. App Library automatically organizes the apps into groups on iOS 14.

There’s a new list view included too which sorts the applications on your iPhone based on usage, number of times used and more.

Picture in Picture Mode: New View Screen

iOS 14 will now support picture in picture mode. The PiP mode on iPhone will work the same way as other platforms. The iOS 14 PiP mode will offer a similar viewing experience as the iPad. So now you can continue watching your video while replying to a text on WhatsApp.

Also Siri has been given a new look as well which does not overtake the whole screen.

Widgets: Welcome New Widgets

iOS 14 has added a range of new widgets to the home screen. The latest addition of widgets will be available on both the iPhones and iPads for the first time. The new widgets on iOS 14 are said to be much more user-friendly, enhanced for daily use and comes in a variety of sizes. The apps will automatically move way for the widgets.

You can directly get access to the widgets through the “Widget Gallery,” which will be available in different sizes.

App Clips

“App Clip” is a latest feature which allows you to access a small part of an app without the need to have the whole app on the iOS 14. It adds a Clip feature which can be easily accessed without using the full application. So you can quickly experience an app without downloading the full version from the App Store.

So now you can launch an app with a single tap. Directly pay and log in with Apple Pay and Sign in with Apple.

New iMessage Features

The popular iMessage has some new features now. Apple has added the new Memoji accessories including a new face mask Memoji. You can pin messages. The added features on group iMessages now include in-line replies, mentions.

Real-Time Headphone Audio Alerts

The latest iOS 14 supports real-time headphone audio alerts. It can measure headphone audio levels in real-time. The new option is available in the Control Center. It is similar to what the Apple Watch Noise app does.

It measures the audio levels of the environment around instead of the headphones.

Translate App

The translate app in iOS 14 works within the conversations. Also the app works completely offline. All you need to do is tap on the microphone icon. The Translate app on iOS will start translating to your chosen language. 

There are currently 11 languages supported on the app.

QR code payments

Apple is said to be working on a QR code based payments feature for iOS 14. The iOS 14 code revealed that Apple is working on a new method. It will let users make payments with Apple Pay. You will just have to scan the QR Code or any sort of traditional barcode with the iPhone camera to directly make a payment.

Leaked Passwords

The leaked passwords is a new feature which will notify you when you will use a similar password across multiple websites and one of them is being hacked. The iCloud keychain is developing a feature for iOS 14 that will alert you about leaked passwords.

The “Security Recommendations” menu will show your passwords for accounts at risk on the web.

Voice Memos, Enhance Recording

Apple is upgrading the Voice Memos app for iOS 14 for iPhone and macOS Big Sur. There’s the new Enhance Recording functionality as well which reduces background noise and room reverberation. After the recording is done, you can run the Auto Adjustment feature to clear out.

iOS 14 iPhones Support: iOS 14 Update Full List

iOS 14 Release Date: iOS 14 will come out to the general public by September. Apple released the iOS 13 in September, so the iOS 14 release is being expected between September 2020 and October 2020. 

iOS 14 Supported Devices: These following devices will support the latest iOS 14.

iPhone SE 2020

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max

iPhone XR

iPhone X

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone SE

iPod Touch (7th gen)

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