[Data Breach] Apple Users Beware, iPhone, iPad, Mac At Risk, Govt Warns

Government has warned Apple users of a new vulnerability in their OS which includes multiple iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. Apple devices running on iOS, iPadOS and macOS are potentially at risk, and users could be exploited with remote malware, the government confirmed. As per the report, the Apple devices could be attacked which can be executed with arbitrary codes and gain elevated privileges on the devices. 

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[Data Breach] Apple Users Beware, iPhone, iPad, Mac At Risk, Govt Warns

Indian cybersecurity nodal agency, CERT-In has issued the warning for the selected Apple products.

The agency also released a list which includes some iPhones, iPads and even devices running on macOS that are vulnerable to the risk.

As per the agency, the devices are susceptible to a memory corruption vulnerability in Apple macOS Big Sur versions prior to 11.5.1 and Apple iOS and iPadOS versions prior to 14.7.1. The warning came with a severity rating of ‘HIGH’.

These are the following phones which are said to be at risk:

  • iPhone 6s and later,
  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • iPad Air 2 and later
  • iPad 5th generation and later.
  • iPad mini 4 and later
  • iPod touch (7th generation)
  • macOS Big Sur

The vulnerability puts all the users of these devices at risk where the devices could be exploited by such remote attackers.

The vulnerability exists in IOMobileFrameBuffer of Apple OS and Pados due to memory corruption issues. This is caused by inadequate memory handling. Someone with kernel privileges can attack such devices using a maliciously crafted application.

The users have been immediately asked to apply the patches on an urgent basis which have been rolled out with the latest OS updates. Apple has acknowledged the presence of the new vulnerability and the memory corruption issue. It has already rolled out a new patch with the improved memory handling update. Apple confirmed that if not updated to the new version, it may harm users.

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