This Company Is Offering Free MBA To All 2.9 Lakh Employees; Biggest Free MBA Scheme In The World!

This Company Is Offering Free MBA To All 2.9 Lakh Employees; Biggest Free MBA Scheme In The World!
This Company Is Offering Free MBA To All 2.9 Lakh Employees; Biggest Free MBA Scheme In The World!

The multinational professional services firm Ernst & Young (EY) has made some major news amidst the lockdown, which will up right turn out to be super beneficial to all its employees, globally.

The global tax and transaction advisory firm has just announced that it will provide an ‘EY Tech MBA’ to all its interested employees, in collaboration with Hult International Business School in the United States, free of cost.


What is the EY Tech MBA?

In order to boost the technical and work skill set of all its employees globally, so as to keep up with the trendiest and most updated market standards, EY has launched this EY Tech MBA programme.

As we mentioned, this programme will be free to all those employees who are willing to pursue the degree.

It will be in collaboration with Hult International Business School to all interested employees, irrespective of their seniority or work experience, as per the company’s release.

This is the first initiative of its kind, by any organisation around the globe.

Generally, companies offer partial or fully funded educational programmes to their employees but this MBA provided by EY is completely free of cost.

Why this Programme?

According to Sandeep Kohli, Partner and Talent Leader at EY, “The EY Tech MBA with Hult, is more future-focused than most MBAs with a flexible curriculum, from leadership skills to the latest emerging and disruptive technologies. This offers all EY people the opportunity to develop both the technological skillsets and business mindsets they will need to continue to provide exceptional client service and thrive in tomorrow’s workplace”.

This programme will be delivered entirely online.

Now to answer your question: What Benfeits will the Employee Avail through this Programme?

  • Employees pursuing this programme will be able to build their own personal curriculum.
  • This will range from subjects like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and robotic process automation (RPA), to employee well being, diversity and inclusion, and sustainable business practices.
  • Also, the degree earned by the candidate on completion of the course, will be a combo of 16 EY Badges, representing 3 main pillars: Technology, Leadership and Business.
  • It will further be followed by the completion of three pillar insight papers and a final project.

How Much will this Programme Benefit a Candidate Monetarily?

If you are aware of any MBA programme(s) in India, you must be knowing that it is no less than Rs 8 lakh-25 lakh per annum.

The fee structure then depends upon a number of factors, like the institution you’re pursuing your degree from, the programme, or the course structure.

This was about doing MBA in India.

An international MBA costs over Rs 30 lakh per annum.

The institution collaborating with EY for this online MBA programme is the Hult International Business School.

It is a private business school having campuses. They are in Dubai, New York, San Francisco, Cambridge, Shanghai and London.

Now, as per the information provided on the website, if you sign up for a one-year MBA programme in London, it will easily cost you 54,600 pounds, which is Rs 51.2 lakh (approximately), while $76,200 or 76,200 for academic year 2020-21.

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