Bajaj Auto Will Cut 50% Salary; Employees From This Factory Will Be Impacted

Bajaj Auto Will Cut 50% Salary; Employees From This Factory Will Be Impacted
Bajaj Auto Will Cut 50% Salary; Employees From This Factory Will Be Impacted

There is yet another news amidst the coronavirus pandemic, about employees facing pay cut challenges.

This time it comes from the Bajaj Auto’s Waluj plant in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

The 8000 employees of the plant will experience a 50% salary pay cuts, during a 9 day lockdown period starting from July 10.

50% Salary Cuts

The Bajaj Auto plant in Waluj provides employment to about 8,000 individuals, employed on contract as well as permanent basis.

In fact, the Waluj unit in Aurangabad, contributes to half of the company’s (Bajaj Auto’s) total production in India. 

The unit is responsible for making three-wheelers and select brands of motorcycles for domestic and export markets.

The local authorities have announced to implement lockdown in the city and the industrial area for 9 days, from July 10-18.

Unfortunately, employees will receive only 50% of their wages during this lockdown period, as the plant will remain shut down.

250 Covid Infected Patients

As mentioned above, Bajaj Auto’s Waluj plant is one of the largest employers in the region, with about 8000 employees.

Now the truth is that the number of Covid infected patients are on a surge in the plant.

If we go according to the numbers, about 250 employees, of the 8000 employees have already been infected with coronavirus, while 5 of them have unfortunately died of the disease.

Speaking of which, it was of utmost importance to shut down the unit for some time, to avoid the communal spread of Covid-19, within the plant unit.

Thus, the decision of implementing a  nine-day lockdown, concerning the city and the Waluj industrial area, was taken on Monday.

The district known for housing several auto and pharma units has been reporting a large number an average of 250 cases daily. 

Who Took the Decision?

Considering that the Waluj unit as well as the whole region have been registering unprecedented rise in the number of coronavirus cases everyday, business chambers like Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and other stakeholders have taken this decision of implementing the lockdown for stated period, in consensus with industrial units, and small and medium enterprises.

Thengade Bajirao, president, workers’ union at the company’s Waluj plant provided for the confirmation of cut in 50% wages.

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