Private WhatsApp Group Chats Appear On Google Search: Anyone Can Enter Private Groups Now?

The latest reports reveal that Google is showing up private WhatsApp Group chats with invite links on search results. The private WhatsApp group chats are made available to everyone. 

Private WhatsApp Group Chats Appear On Google Search: Anyone Can Enter Private Groups Now?

Shockingly, this includes multiple porn-sharing groups, available on search results.

Quickly Google has modified the search results, and has stopped the invite links. Reported by Motherboard, the WhatsApp group chat invitations have been indexed by Google and are available with simple searches. 

Private Chat Invite Links Available Publicly

The chat invite links are made publicly shareable, and anyone can enter the group. The private groups had specific Google searches and the “Invite to Group Link” has been letting Google index the groups. The private group likes were available across the internet.

Google searches made all the links public, letting anyone enter the chats.

It was found that Google has around 470,000 results available for searches, the URL directly lets them invite to WhatsApp groups.

The content was found to be searchable via these public channels, and the invite links were also posted publicly, and users could find them on the internet directly and any WhatsApp user can join.

Porn Sharing Groups Had Chat Links: WhatsApp Google Search

The indexed search results have multiple groups which shared child porn. Child porn has been the biggest problem here, and WhatsApp has been trying to solve it for a long time. The messaging service has been reported multiple times for this.

WhatsApp has been working through it to fix it.

As per the records, WhatsApp is going on banning around 250,000 accounts on WhatsApp each month, suspected to share any sort of content which is related to child porn or something like it.

WhatsApp is making use of the photo-matching technology called PhotoDNA. It helps the social messaging service to scan the profile photos known to CEI. The system then detects and directly bans such users and associated WhatsApp accounts.

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