Android 11 New Features, Release Schedule, How To Download: Developer Preview Now Available

Android 11 Developer Preview is now available for Pixel smartphones, and there are some interesting features to look out for. Google again has been focusing mainly on the privacy features with Android 11.

Android 11 New Features, Release Schedule, How To Download: Developer Preview Now Available

Android 11 Developer Preview is now available for Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3A, Pixel 3A XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

If you want to experience Android 11, you can choose to manually download the system driver and flash it. While there has been some good changes made, here’s everything you need to know about Android 11.


Android 11 Release Date, Android 11 Release Schedule

The Google I/O 2020 is scheduled to happen from May 12 to May 14, and we can expect Android 11 final launch to happen in the same period, probably by the start of the Google event, May 12.

The Android 11 Developer Preview is now available for Pixel phones only, and later will be available for some other upcoming smartphones as OnePlus.

Android 11 final update release will happen in May, with availability expected on the top flagship in a couple of weeks, while other smartphone manufacturers will upgrade in parts.

Android 11 New Features, Android 11 Top Features

The Android 11 developer preview gives us a glimpse of what we will have on the upcoming Android version this year. 

Here’s the new Android 11 features you need to know about.

New Privacy Update

Google has set it’s focus as security for 2020. The new Android 11 will have some additional features and updates that will directly help to offer better privacy and security. The Android 11 now has one time permissions as an option for location, microphone and camera.

Limited Period Permission For Apps

The upcoming Android 11 will only allow apps to use features such as camera, location and other important elements for a specific period now. The Android 11 has an option to limit the permissions with time stamps. There’s the “While The App Is In Use” option to grant permission for key elements on your smartphone.

Secure App Data Storage And Sharing

Google will finally be bringing Scoped storage this year with Android 11. This will help your Android device with improved biometrics offering platform hardening with improved security. This will enable secure app data storage and sharing with native support for electronic ID/driver license.

Support For 5G Phones, Foldable Devices

The new Android will focus on foldable smartphones and have options to offer customizations. Google also focuses on 5G support this year, and it will be a key feature on Android 11 for Android this year. 

Android 11 supports new display types with dedicated API to let developers use the entire screen, including edges.

Wi-Fi App Experience

Google has added another new feature which supports never innovations and experiences. With 5G now starting to be available in more places, Google is helping developers to extend the Wi-Fi app experiences to mobile users.

New Chat Heads Like Facebook Messenger

Android 11 has added chat heads as Facebook Messenger. There’s Bubbles which acts as chat heads across messaging platforms. Google is offering it with it’s own Messages app for now, but soon you can use it for WhatsApp and others messaging apps.

Dedicated Conversation Section On The Notification Panel

Apart from the bubbles as chat heads, the Android 11 will have a dedicated chat section on the notification panel as well. As confirmed earlier, the Android 11 will have a new dedicated conversation section on the notification panel.

Android 11 And Project Mainline

Android 11 with Project Mainline will have 12 new modules. Project Mainline will allow users to update features without any OS release by standardizing user and developer access to critical privacy controls alongside system level changes to the connectivity stack.

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