OnePlus Watch India Launch: Things You Need To Know About OnePlus Smartwatch

OnePlus watch is in the making. After wireless buds and TVs, the much sought-after innovative brand is set to bring its first Smartwatch. The OnePlus smartwatch is expected to be in line with some of the best in the market.

OnePlus Watch India Launch: Things You Need To Know About OnePlus Smartwatch

Smartphone companies are lining up to join the Smartwatch bandwagon, a growing billion-dollar industry.

OnePlus has already hinted a few times of its watch being in the making phase, and there are a lot of reasons to be excited about.

OnePlus has already been a frontrunner when it comes to bringing quality premium products on a mid-range pricing, and the same is being expected from the upcoming OnePlus Smartwatch.

OnePlus Smartwatch: OnePlus Already Tried Making One In 2016

OnePlus has already tried it’s hand in making a watch back in 2016. Well the company then abandoned it later and chose to work on TVs instead. But there has been reports that OnePlus is again into making a smartwatch.

While the company is yet to confirm anything, the reports hint at a launch in 2020.

The OnePlus 8 series will be unveiled in India and globally in June, and the OnePlus Smartwatch is expected during the same period.

OnePlus Watch: What To Expect?

OnePlus has always been about seamless Android experience. To start with, the OnePlus Smartwatch will run on Google’s customised wearable UI platform, the WearOS. The watch will have a customized watch skin under OxygenOS with rich Android goodness.

The watch by OnePlus is expected to feature an AMOLED touch panel with all the required sensors, speaker and buttons.

Coming to the necessary part, it will focus heavily on smart fitness features. The OnePlus Smartwatch will have different features to track activities about health, movement, wellness and mostly about what you are doing in your daily life.

The smartwatch will also offer real-time results of all your workout activities and will track running, cycling, swimming, walking and more.

OnePlus Watch will come with the standard functionalities as other top-end smartwatches such as receiving or rejecting calls, sending messages and emails, playing music and much more. The watch will sport a GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC and may also support eSIM. 

OnePlus Smartwatch India Launch: To Come Under Rs 20,000?

OnePlus has brought all its products to the country till now, and it will definitely bring the watch. The OnePlus Smartwatch India launch will happen whenever OnePlus launches the watch, be it in China or globally, it will happen within weeks.

OnePlus Smartwatch is expected either at the OnePlus 8 series launch in June 2020, or at the OnePlus 8T series launch in November 2020.

Xiaomi recently launched Mi Watch at 1,299 Yuan (around Rs 13,000), and it also plans to bring it to India. The OnePlus Smartwatch India price may start at under 20,000 with top-end features and functions. 

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