Full Charge In 35 Minutes: Mi 10 Pro Has Some Beast Features Onboard

Mi 10 Pro can fully charge in 35 minutes, thanks to the new 66W fast charging technology by Xiaomi. The company is ready with an all new 66W fast-charging system which can fully charge up the Mi 10 Pro battery in just 35 minutes.

Full Charge In 35 Minutes: Mi 10 Pro Has Some Beast Features Onboard (pic: gsmarena)

Mi 10 Pro is going to be the first smartphone by Xiaomi to feature this 66W fast-charging system.

The Xiaomi 66W fast charging system will recharge Mi 10 Pro in 35 minutes, one of the fastest in the world.

Xiaomi is also working on the 100W fast-charging system, world’s first 100W fast charging technology. While the company is yet to give us a release date for it, Xiaomi is working on an affordable and reliable lower-level fast charging technology.

Xiaomi 66W Charging Technology: Affordable Super Fast Charging!

Xiaomi is all set to launch it’s best ever fast charging 66W system. The 66W charging technology will debut with it’s first flagship from 2020, the Mi 10 Pro. The company has already confirmed the smartphone at the Qualcomm Summit.

Mi 10 Pro with the 66W fast charging technology will be able to fully recharge the battery in under 35 minutes.

This is the fastest any Xiaomi smartphone can recharge, and also the fast charging technology that Xiaomi offers currently on any smartphone of its.

Mi 10 Pro will run on the all-new Snapdragon 865 with support for 5G networks. Mi 10 Pro.

Xiaomi is also working on a 50W wireless charging system, but it is still under work. Xiaomi may also offer support for the 50W wireless charging system on the Mi 10 Pro as well. The company didn’t launch a Mi Mix series smartphone in 2019, so it may come in the first half of 2020.

100W SuperCharge Turbo: Xiaomi’s 100W Charging Technology

Xiaomi will be officially calling it’s superfast charging technology as 100W SuperCharge Turbo. The Xiaomi 100 SuperCharge Turbo feature may debut today with company’s Mi Air notebook. The charger will be able to deliver 100W charge at a current and voltage rating of 5A and 20V respectively. 

The engineers at Xiaomi have successfully tested its 100W fast charging technology, and are ready to enter mass production. 

Xiaomi has claimed that it’s 100W fast charging technology is almost twice as fast as Oppo Super VOOC fast charging technology. Previously we tested the Oppo Find X, and it took a little more than 35 minutes to finish with a 3,730mAh battery under the hood.

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