Top 7 Consumer Trends In Tech 2020: Top Tech Trends 2020, Emerging Technology Trends

Technology is changing the world, and the consumer trends will be shaping up the market for the future. Consumers will be showing the way where the market needs to lead to, and there’s a lot to happen in 2020.

Top 7 Consumer Trends In Tech 2020: Top Tech Trends 2020, Emerging Technology Trends

2019 was more about mobile games, more smartphone cameras and digital wellbeing.

We have listed down all the top upcoming consumer trends which will be shaping up the world of technology in 2020. While some say foldable smartphones and some bet for 5G, there’s much more in the kitty to talk about.

From emerging technologies to growing interests, here’s what the consumer trends in tech from 2020 has to say.

More Camera Sensors: Quad & Penta Camera Systems

While we moved onto quad camera setups already in the mainstream market, 2020 will see a sea of smartphones with at least four to five cameras. At the end of 2019, we did see some smartphones launching with penta camera setups (as Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro), and there’s more coming.

There will be a lot of smartphones donning the quad or penta camera systems in 2020.

Not only premium or high-end smartphones, even budget devices from Realme, Redmi and maybe Samsung will be using rear penta camera technologies for their affordable line of devices.

OTT Platforms Will Continue To Grow: Digital Media Industry Boost 

Not halls or TVs, video consumption will continue to grow on these OTT platforms. People aren’t buying movie tickets anymore, but subscribing to services where they can get it all. And these platforms continue to bring in interesting content to keep you glued to your mobile screens.

From Prime Video by Amazon to Netflix to Hotstar to YouTube to regional media platforms, they are growing at a steady pace.

Even Jio is working on a service where you can catch your favourite movie on the first day at your home than waiting for it a month.

So, in 2020, users will be spending a lot on streaming services. From producing to original series to acquiring content rights, the subscribe craze will maintain its growth in 2020. 

Affordable 5G Phones

With the launch of mid-range Qualcomm 5G chips, there will be several smartphones launching in 2020 with 5G supported tech. 5G deployment is already gaining pace, but all the high-end devices currently only offer 5G support, making it a niche category service.

Now with mid-range SoCs as Snapdragon 765 and Snapdragon, several affordable 5G smartphones will launch in 2020.

Affordable 5G smartphones will be in bees throughout 2020. Redmi K30 has already been unveiled with Snapdragon 765, and Realme will launch X50 with the same chip on January 7, embarking the 5G journey for 2020. Upnext we have Motorola, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo and Asus.

Online Game Streaming

Console-based gaming will gradually shift to online game stream play. The trend has already been growing, and with more companies joining the bandwagon, we will have more platforms competing against each other resulting in higher number of users.

Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud and now Amazon Online Game Streaming, there will be a lot more of online game streaming in 2020.

Foldable Smartphones

The foldable smartphones are around for sometime now, and they will be picking up pace in 2020. While it’s still in the very early stage to be on top, but the growing innovation around foldable displays will definitely help this consumer trend to grow in 2020.

We had Huawei Mate, Samsung Galaxy Fold and then the new Motorola Razr.

The new Razr has been a refreshing approach to the foldable display technology, and this will grow with time. Foldable displays won’t be mainstream in 2020, but it will be one of the top tech trends in 2020.

Improved Zooming Technology

Already some companies have launched smartphones with high-end optical zoom technology using a periscope designed hardware. While it remained exclusive to premium smartphones, there will be a lot more happening around zooming technology in 2020.

There will be multiple smartphones in 2020 which will feature a higher optical zoom technology, and not only premium devices, even mid-range smartphones as well.

Mid-Range Smartphones Will Rule

The mid-range smartphone market will grow at a higher pace in 2020. With companies as Realme, Xiaomi and Samsung diversifying their product lines, the Rs 20,000 to 30,000 category will see a boom. Lately there has been great smartphones launched in the range, and they will rule in 2020.

Smartphone manufacturers are focusing on midrange and entry-premium smartphones which fall between Rs 20,000 and Rs 30,000, and this will their prime motto in 2020.

The ultra-competitive Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 will also grow, but the mid-range and entry premium market will experience a major boom in 2020.

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