Ola Gave Rs 20 Cr Of Discounts To Users In 2019; Ola Cabs Covered 6 Billion Kms!

Ola Gave Rs 20 Cr Of Discounts To Users In 2019
Ola Gave Rs 20 Cr Of Discounts To Users In 2019

Ola, one of the leading online cab aggregator, has shared with us a glimpse of its insights and trends about the way we Indians travel. They have collected data from more than 200 cities of India and released their data for us to see, and it’s quite interesting!

Read on to find out what the study shared by Ola has to say!

Ola Creates Study ‘Ola Hyperdrive’ About How India Travelled in 2019

Ola is the fourth most downloaded ride-sharing app worldwide and the third most downloaded app on Android. Ola has created a study, Ola Hyperdrive that gives us inputs on how Indians, from over 200 cities, travelled in 2019. 

A spokesperson at Ola said, “We are excited to look back at some of our biggest moments of the year through ‘Ola HyperDrive’, as 2019 comes to a close. We served over six billion kilometres this year through Ola’s various mobility offerings, touching the lives of hundreds of millions of consumers.” 

The Ola spokesperson also said that the use of shared cab has been projected to more than Tier 1 cities and in remote areas of the country as well. Cars have been preferred for longer routes, he revealed, and Ola Auto and Ola Bike have been popular with first and last-mile connectivity across more than 250 cities and towns in India.

Ola’s Discounts Worth Rs. 20 Crore; 6 Billion Km Distance Covered!

Here’s what the report has noted:

  • People from Bengaluru, on an average, leave for work at 9.30 am, which is earlier than people in other cities. Second and third in line are people from Pune and Delhi, who leave for work at 9.41 am and 9.42 am respectively.
  • In 2019, the total distance covered by Ola was six billion kilometres.
  • Ola share rides kept 1.4 million cars from going on road. This has saved about Rs 20,87,62,289 with discounts. Ola says that this amount is enough for a 5000-month long European vacation!
  • The outstation platform of Ola has covered about 366 million kilometres across 10,000 destinations in India, which is more than enough for a trip to Jupiter!
  • A total of 166 million kilometres has been covered by Ola Bike and Ola Auto accounted for about 1200 kilometres. 
  • According to Ola, people have spent about 688 million minutes listening to music on Ola Play, which is equal to 1200 years of non-stop listening!

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