Jio Alert! Use Old Plans With Old Tariff To Save Money; Get 2TB Data For Rs 101 Voucher And More..

Jio Alert! Use Old Plans With Old Tariff To Save Money; Get 2TB Data For Rs 101 Voucher And More..
Jio Alert! Use Old Plans With Old Tariff To Save Money; Get 2TB Data For Rs 101 Voucher And More..

Most of the telecom company has increased their plans cost by over 40%. With this recent hike across the country has hit the telecom users hard. 

Although, Jio offers an option to queue up your plans to get more benefits, but in case you did not queue up your plans before the price hike and find the new prices expensive.


How To Get Old Tariff Plan For Reliance Jio?

Then no need to worry as there is a way to how you can avail Jio plans at old prices but obviously there’s a catch.

As per a TelecomTalk report, users who wish to purchase the plans at old prices and did not buy any new plan after the price hike can avail this offer. 

In simple words, there should be no active plan in the account of the user to avail the plan at old prices. 

So, when you visit the Jio website or log in to the MyJio app, you will be shown the old prices. But if you have already recharged with a new prepaid plan in the last few days then you will not be able to see the old plans.

The report also says that the subscribers need have to go the Settings option after logging in to the Jio website using their Jio number and OTP. 

Noe, tap the Tariff Protection option under Settings to view the old plans.

How About Jio Fiber Data Vouchers? 

According to the reports, the Jio Fiber data vouchers are now available starting at Rs. 101 to help subscribers increase their data allocation. 

These new data vouchers are now available for Jio Fiber paid users, can be availed after signing in to the Jio website or through the MyJio app. 

According to this new plan, the Jio provides up to 2000GB or 2TB additional data through the data vouchers that are priced between Rs. 101 and Rs. 4,001. 

It is different from the existing Jio Fiber plans, the data vouchers don’t carry any additional validity benefits. 

However, the new offering is helpful, especially if you’re about to exhaust your given data allocation.

What Are Different Options Provided For Jio Fiber Data Vouchers? 

As per the details given in the Jio website and MyJio app after signing in to Jio Fiber existing account, there is a total of six data vouchers that are provided under the Data Voucher section. 

The vouchers prices start at Rs. 101 that bring 20GB data quota and go up to Rs. 4,001 that include 2TB data allocation. 

Customers have also been provided with a range of options as Rs. 251, Rs. 501, Rs. 1,001, and Rs. 2,001 data vouchers to avail additional data benefits.

But the new data vouchers provided by Jio Fiber don’t make any changes to your plan validity. 

Same way, you won’t see any differences in terms of the download speeds of your plan.

With the addition of these data vouchers enable Jio Fiber customers to get additional data allocation — over and above the data quota they get through their existing Jio Fiber plans.

Data Voucher PriceBenefits

What Are The Conditions For Jio Fiber Data Vouchers? 

The Jio Fiber doesn’t provide the option to carry forward your data quota to the next billing cycle. 

This is different than what you’ll get on ISPs such as Spectra and You Broadband that do offer data carry forward to their customers, as noted by Telecom Talk. 

Apart from Jio, its competitor and one of the leading ISPs, Bharti Airtel, also recently removed the data rollover facility for its broadband customers. (Reference)

Jio Fiber used to provide a 40GB free top-up voucher to persuade new customers earlier. But, it is no longer offering any free top-up data voucher.

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