This Jio Device Costing Rs 2500 Will Double Your WiFi Speed, Inside Your Home or Office!

Reliance Jio, ever since its inception has been making waves and ruling the chart. The numero uno company which offered sims, now offered fiber broadband services under the name of JioFiber.

This Jio Device Costing Rs 2500 Will Double Your WiFi Speed, Inside Your Home or Office!

Now some of you might already be using the Fiber and relishing its speed. But if in case you live in a house which is large or has multiple floors, then there are chances that the Wi-Fi network or signal cannot be detected in all the floors. 

Jio WiFi Signal Booster

However, sometimes while working on the internet there are lagging issues. For that too, JioFiber has just the thing you need and this blog covers that. 

Jio is currently offering many Wifi signal boosters so that Jio users won’t face any problem while using internet. Just in case, if you are feeling that the signal is not strong or there are any issues with the speed, then you can buy this special device, post the installation of which you will notice that the internet is working more than smoothly. 

Price & Features

The Wi-Fi Mesh Extend by Reliance Jio, which goes by the name JCM0112, is available to Indian customers at a price of Rs 2,499.

This also comes with financing options and can be availed for an EMI starting with just Rs.86.62.

If you want to get your hands on with this product, you can either place an order online directly from the Reliance Jio website or you can also visit the company’s retail store to inquire about the product.

The device removes all the dark areas or internet access areas in your home and connects super easily with JioRouter. 

By dark areas we mean those areas which are not getting the network connectivity. One can expect amazing lag free video streaming experience as well as online multiplayer gaming experience. 

Speaking of the installation, that too, is not a rocket science and moreover than there is no need of any technician to install the product. 

It has a simple plug-and-play installation model, which you can do yourself. To know more about its making, you can check it on the product page on Jio’s website.

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