Govt. Will Spend Rs 436 Crore To Reskill 4 Lakh IT Employees: These Skills Will Be Covered

Govt. Will Spend Rs 436 Crore To Reskill 4 Lakh IT Employees: These Skills Will Be Covered
Govt. Will Spend Rs 436 Crore To Reskill 4 Lakh IT Employees: These Skills Will Be Covered

We all know that reskilling is the need of the hour, for IT professions in India. Due to the emergence of new technologies, and new ways of doing business, more and more IT employees are getting redundant.

This is leading to job loss, and the nation is worried.

Understanding this need, Govt. has announced a massive reskilling program for IT employees.

Here are the details..

IT Reskilling Program Launched By Govt.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and IT industry lobby NASSCOM has joined forces to create a massive reskilling program for IT employees in India.

The program is called Future Skills PRIME (Programme for Reskilling Upskilling of IT Manpower for Employability).

As per the initial estimate, Govt will spend Rs 436 crore in this reskilling project, and 4 lakh IT employees are expected to get direct benefits.

Announcing the launch of this program, IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “The government will release ?436 crore for this purpose. The government along with NASSCOM will develop a programme for training 4 lakh professionals in higher digital skilling over the next 3 years,” 

Which Skills Will Be Taught?

As per the initial plan, the reskilling program will cover 10 emerging technologies, which is reshaping the IT industry, not only in India, but globally.

We don’t have the full list of the skills which will be taught to the IT employees, but as per the report by Mint, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyber security, Internet of Things are definitely part of the curriculum.

As per the plan, the reskilling program will be launched online, and  the courses will start from Rs 6000.

Modules from the top IT companies will be included in the program, so that the attendees can get maximum exposure and experience of the emerging technologies.

The Minister said, “The portal will also provide a diagnostic for learner’s preference and through the programme we aim to create India Digital Talent Stack,” 

Will Such Reskilling Program Help the IT Industry?

As per some estimates, emerging technologies such as automation and robotics will snatch away upto 3.8 lakh jobs in India.

Reskilling is the need of the hour, and some of the biggest IT companies have already launched reskilling programs for their employees.

TCS, Infosys from India have joined a global forum to reskill 1 million employees, where companies like Accenture, CA Technologies, Cisco, Cognizant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Pegasystems, PwC, Salesforce and SAP are also participants.

Recently, Cognizant announced that close to 1 million IT employees in India are unfit for new age technologies, even as they pledged to reskill 5000 employees.

Under these circumstances, reskilling IT employees is an important step, and this will certainly help employees in the longer run.

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